It's Your Turn To Be Held

Aug 06, 2022

As leaders, teachers, and mentors we are often holding a lot: 

  • Holding space for our client's transformation
  • Holding space for our vision
  • Holding space for collective through its turbulent waves
  • Holding space for our families and relatives 

What I discovered is that holding space is not a passive experience.

Holding space requires our full energetic capacity.

When we truly hold space for others, we cultivate a field of presence, clear seeing, and a delicate balance of offering our input when it’s invited or practicing non-interfering if that is more appropriate for a situation.

Every year I take almost a month of a pause on holding space for anything and anyone.

I call it a sabbatical.

I tell myself: “It’s your turn to be held.”

I go to a place of power and melt into its embrace.

When I arrived in Peru in July of 2021, I stayed in a majestic glass house built into a rock. I spent hours laying in front of the fireplace and breathing deeply.


Held by the silence.

Held by the mountains.

Held by the slow pace of the village life.

Why did it feel so nourishing to me?

Because it’s a real need and not just a preference (or an option of “someday”).

A need is something vital like water for us to thrive in our leadership and service to humanity.

A need to balance all the giving that leaders are so good at and expand our capacity to receive.

To become more and more able to be held. To melt into the supportive fabric of divine love.

That is why I choose to create experiences like that not only for myself but for others.

I create a lot of clients' immersions in places of great beauty, where we share incredible food, sunsets, adventures, and explorations because they help build resilience in leadership, and without resilience, we cannot make it far.

If you notice yourself burning out mid-way through the year, are you allowing yourself to be held? Whatever that would mean for you.

Maybe it will begin with a simple affirmation:


If you ask yourself that question and stay patient, the answer will come. 

Maybe you will be guided to take a sabbatical. (Take a listen to a short podcast I have on this topic >>> here). 

Maybe you will be guided to elevate your self-care (Take a listen to a podcast episode I have called When You're Holding A Lot). 

Maybe you will be guided to book a private mentorship immersion with me in California. 

Or maybe you join me in Peru in 2023 and discover the magic of that land. 

One thing I am certain of, is you deserve to be held too. 



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