Frequency Shift

“I was only on one live call, the rest of them I got to listen to the recordings, and WOW - each class was AMAZING. I want all the beings on this planet to benefit from the power of this course. Highly recommend it.” 


Transformation Leader, Mentor

“Katerina is a soul catalyst who knows how to align your deepest truth with your highest dreams. She's a mentor, prosperity coach, and soul galactivator on a mission to uplift humanity to the next stage of our collective evolution.” 

- JONATHAN GREYE - Branding Strategist

“Katerina is a Master walking this earth. A ‘Descended’ Master if you will. She speaks and resonates DEEP truth. Her work penetrates generationally. If you are ready to do the deep inner work, I give her my highest, deepest and most sincere recommendation.” 

- Brady Goddard Entrepreneur

“Since the class I've been in a very calm state of mind. Things that would normally stress me out, don't. I have a hard time explaining the sense of peace and quietness I'm feeling. Thoughts are not consuming my brain like before. I have a newfound trust with life. I love Katerina’s soft, caring energy. She is so knowledgeable and somehow words things in a manner that stick for me.” 

- Mandelyn Moses, Empowerment Coach

“Frequency Shift is aptly named because it immediately transforms your energy and helps you release old patterns completely--without rumination or analysis. I love how Katerina provides visual frequency codes that we can view whenever we need to get in touch with our divinity." 

- Dayana Mayfield

“I loved so many things about Frequency Shift! I really loved the specific Clearings and what they targeted. Those parts of anyone’s life have a direct effect on our overall happiness and prosperity. These clearings were a catalyst to an amazing transformation in my life! I also really loved the format of this masterclass. There was a combination of teaching amazing concepts with practical tools that we can implement in our daily lives, and then there were the Clearings. Katerina did an incredible job at giving information for ALL levels whether you were a beginner or have already been on a spiritual path for years." 

- ANNA DAVILA - Transformational Coach



"Katerina Satori in an Experience!!! Magical, Liberating, and Soul~Freeing! Katerina is THE upcoming spiritual leader to watch! She is a woman with such deep integrity and commitment to herself and humanity. She genuinely walks her talk and stands in her truth, giving us all permission to do the same with courage and conviction! I was recently guided to participate in Katerina’s 5-week virtual ceremony, Frequency Shift. Katerina created such a safe loving container, gently guiding us all every step of the way to deeper levels of awakening and healing with her sacred teachings and divinely channeled activations. The experience she created was truly breathtaking in every way. Truly Magical. Each person received exactly what their soul was ready to receive. I experienced profound emotional, financial and physical breakthroughs, birthed three new creative ideas for my business that I’d been working on for over 4 years and really feel like I’ve healed my past on a deeper level than ever before, and with so much love and compassion. I experienced outbursts of new creative energy in my business, auspicious opportunities of financial abundance, new levels of awareness in my spiritual journey, heightened intuition when serving my clients and increased clarity around WHO I desire to serve. YES!!!! I felt a beautiful opening up of my heart and new levels of compassion for myself and others, which all really helped me arrive to a place of experiencing deeper levels of self-love, trust, clarity, emotional freedom, faith, acceptance, presence and peace of mind.

Katerina embodies ~ Love. Connection. Leadership. Creativity. Compassion. Generosity. Playfulness Commitment. Curiosity. Service. Resilience. Transformation. Courage. Divine Communication. Empowerment. Fun. Wisdom. Authenticity. Alignment. Truth. Beauty. Flow. Magic ✨ Miracles. Katerina is the embodiment of LOVE and LEADERSHIP in ACTION. Love to and for you! XO" 

- LISA RIMAS, Author, Leadership Coach


I have been deeply inspired watching Katerina evolve her spiritual business online over the past 7 years and impressed by the sincere value she provides. Though at first feeling unready to invest in her private coaching, after stepping back, I lost my inner fire and reverted to redundant ways of working. However, after a vivid dream about her where I regretted not working with her, I felt called to learn more from her. That's when I purchased her "5D Business in a 3D World" course and appreciated her generosity with extra bonuses. Since then, I've become part of her community and attended her live "Frequency Shift" training.

Attending Katerina's trainings and joining her community has reignited my motivation, helping me break repetitive ruts and evolve my spiritual business to the next level through her sincere, generous teaching style. I'm grateful for her wisdom and guidance over the years. The punchline is that I recently submitted my resignation letter to leave my 6-figure online sales position to pursue my spiritual-based sales coaching business. Participating in Katerina's coaching and applying the principles she shared has given me the courage, willingness, and excitement to take this big leap.

- Pouya, Entrepreneur 

There is no life initiation too great for Katerina’s work to hold. When I discovered her online programs, I was at the beginning of a major health crisis. Katerina helped me to hold the lessons without judgment and finally unlock my feminine wisdom. 

- Dayana Mayfield

Sovereign Mind

“Words cannot describe how potent it is to work with Katerina Satori. Her online classes shift you. Her teaching magnetizes you. You will be forever changed if you show up to even the first module.” 

~ Brittney



“What an honor to be among the first graduates of the Sovereign Mind program. You are truly a gift to the world dear Katerina Satori. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us." 

~ Sahar Nafar



"Thank you Katerina Satori you are the ultimate guide!"

~ Klara Fischerova



“What a deep honor to journey with this powerful group!! Wow! Katerina you were chosen to channel some incredibly potent life changing wisdom in the Sovereign Mind. Thank you for your devotion to humanity, your incredible gifts as a teacher, healer and guide...and for making it look so effortless to carry through an assignment from Spirit. You have no idea how inspired I am by you!! Awe Inspired! Thank you ~ Thank you until Eternity! Life changing class!!!” 

~ Lisa Rimas



"Thank you, Katerina Satori. You are a Master Teacher! Truly a gift from the Goddess.” 

~ Michael Bright



“This course is so UNIQUE and nobody else teaches this powerful knowledge. The way Katerina teaches is incredible. I think that so often people want to teach you: here's this marketing funnel or here's this way of doing things and what people really need is learning how to trust themselves, how to get out of your own way, and how to stop being afraid. I appreciate what Katerina brought as a teacher and as a facilitator - truly life changing.” 

~ Nicole McNeil

Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters course has been the most enlightening and mind-expanding I’ve ever attended, and I am so looking forward to learning and implementing more knowledge from Katerina. The course has helped me understand more fully my calling, and knowing that I am supported by the Ascended Masters is very empowering. 

- Kevin Humphrey - Reiki Practitioner, Coach, Business Owner



Since taking the Ascended Masters program, I have been reignited to step fully into my role - my assignment - as a healer. It has provided me with tools and opportunities to expand not just my consciousness but the consciousness of those whom I work with. The time, details and dedication taken to create this program is outstanding and thorough. All questions answered - Big shifts occur -and it feels like home. 

- Tiffany Rush - Master Reiki Practitioner, Energy Medicine Healer



The Ascended Master course came to me like the last piece of the puzzle I needed to fully connect to my life purpose and the guides that have been helping me along. In just a few classes I’ve had some major breakthroughs with my business, the direction it will be headed AND a deeper understanding of guides that I felt more uneasy about connecting with because of previous religious programming. Katerina teaches without bias to any dogma or religious undertones… She teaches from the heart. It is with this new connection that I welcome the next, heart centered, phase of my life. 

- Holly Holfeltz - The Akashic Queen

Codify Your Wisdom

"I joined Codify Your Wisdom because it promised to be 'a program for leaders, online teachers, energy healers, and coaches who desire to scale their impact and revenue'. It delivered that for me, my revenue hit a new record, I learned tips to make my process smoother, and more efficient, I met other awesome leaders, and saw a shift in my own mindset to that of a Thought Leader, in my area of expertise. If you have not experienced it yet, let me enlighten you, being in Katerina’s aura does something for you, it lifts you into the most courageous version of you, you get things accomplished that you would never have dreamed of, and she delivers her wisdom with poise, ease, and grace, she is encouraging and loves to set you challenges & assignments that will stretch you into that version of you that delivers and thrives. I highly recommend this amazing lady and the curriculum."

- EnglishMystic
Entrepreneur | Reiki Master | Shamanic Healer & Teacher



"The work done with Katerina Satori in the program Codify your Wisdom has been for me an alchemical process, where Katerina took us by the hand, from how to connect with the messages that our heart wants to deliver to the world, to how to deliver it in an effective way. Katerina is a wise, loving, and very generous woman, who openly shares what has served her on her path and she constantly adds new resources and materials which enrich our process. She is respectful of the rhythms of each of her students and with her ability to "see beyond the obvious", she urges us to challenge our own limits and to bring out the gold from within. Katerina is always attentive to personally help us at every stage of our process of creation, promotion, and delivery of our products, and also during the Q&A periods, she deeply answers each of the questions of the participants, without a time limit. This means that although it is a group program, we all have very personalized attention. For me, this program has been a divine gift from the Great Mother, to be able to fulfill, in the best way, my call to her service. If your heart wants to share your gifts with the world, fulfill your part in the evolutionary process of humanity, and at the same time, receive a financial benefit that allows you to fulfill your dreams and live in freedom and sovereignty, definitely this program is for you."

- Rebeca
Spiritual Teacher, Costa Rica



"Katerina Satori is a master teacher and powerhouse guide. Working with Katerina is like working with the most benevolent, motherly psychic who also happens to be an expert business strategist. She has an uncanny eye for recognizing the creative genius within her clients and supporting them in bringing it out into service. You'll feel seen, loved, and supported as you expand into embodying more of your dormant potential when you work with her."

- Brittney Wylde, Mentor, Podcast Host



"For anyone curious about the work of Katerina, I encourage you to swoop up the opportunity. Lots of guides and coaches on the planet and fewer that are actually sharing from wisdom that runs deep."

- Stephen McGee
Leadership Advisor



"Katerina's genius radiates from her like the sun. She skillfully wields her intuition, weaving her wisdom and experience into her coaching with grace, patience, and laser accuracy. Any opportunity to learn from her is one not to be missed!"

- Britta Green Violet
Conscious Impact Spiritual Advisor



"Katerina opened the path to female wisdom for me - a softening of my heart. Throughout all the time she was the most patient and divine guide I could have ever imagined - she helped navigate through all my doubts, tears, and "dark nights" on finding my unique way of business success. Without her support, I would never create that easy-flowing 6figure business I am running right now. Her support is no support but divine guidance. That is priceless."


-Tina Breit, Mentor



"The word IMPACTFUL comes to mind as I think of how the Codify Your Wisdom program has been for me and how this has shifted my whole business trajectory for the better! My goal was to learn how to bring and share my Soul-led business and gifts online and build community. Katerina and Codify have far exceeded any expectations I had. With Katerina’s AMAZING gifted ability and high vibrational energy coupled with her tried and tested strategies (that work), you can only receive a life-changing result! I felt 100% supported throughout the program, being held in a container by Katerina with a group of like-minded souls and entrepreneurs was moving, motivating, and simply magical. If you want to bring your business and gifts to light and share them with the world (and get a good return $), I highly recommend Codify Your Wisdom to be your vessel. It’s like no other! I am forever grateful to Katerina for sharing her mastery and gifts with us, priceless!"

- Kerry / Inner Harmony
Holistic Wellness Facilitator & Soul-led Entrepreneur



"Codify Your Wisdom is a wildly valuable program that has been thoughtfully and generously curated by Katerina Satori. This entire experience has been an absolute game changer in my mindset, capacity, and desires of what I thought was possible for me, and my business. It has challenged my limiting beliefs and stoked the fires within me to brilliantly, professionally, and ethically share my wisdom and my soul's mission with the world. Among other things, Codify lays before you the pillars, framework, and principles needed to amplify your unique voice. As well as the energetics, archetypes, and spiritual understandings needed to become a true Thought Leader and to get your work out into the world. Katerina is absolutely delightful, approachable, engaged, and very very generous with her wisdom and expertise. She is an embodied mentor, and truly a pure light in the spiritual and business community. We are blessed to have her leadership. I have definitely, beyond a doubt invested properly in my expansion. This program and process were worth its weight in gold. "

- Jamie McIntosh
Holistic Coach & Healer

Gene Keys

“When I returned home [after the incredible intensive workshop], my family told me I am glowing! I am 57 years old and have not found another system to compare to this and believe me when I tell you that I am a seminar junkie! Being in the presence of Katerina for this work is an honor! Thank you Katerina!”

- Michele Sweeten



"I had an absolutely stunning experience at the Gene Keys workshop with powerhouse vessel of wisdom Katerina Satori, anchoring unprecedented levels of love, beauty, magic, potent possibility, integrity, Divine devotion and profound codes of Genius onto our Earth."

-Solara Sophia Rose


“I had an amazing time yesterday at my soul sister and colleague Katerina Satori’s Gene Key workshop diving deep into how to unlock and embody our inherent genius and maximize our gifts in the world.
When aligned and congruent leaders in divine purpose come together cosmic intelligence cannot help but flow through and create unparalleled possibilities.”

- Ronnie Landis, Health Master Teacher



“I am in awe of how you taught Gene Keys. So much brilliance, grace, love and devotion. I appreciate you so much Thank you.”

-Cheryl Pierce



“That’s some serious creativity in action - masterful work, Katerina - super inspired.”

- Tim Paschke



“Some teach as it is their occupation. Others teach as it is their gift. You are obviously the later! Such a very gifted teacher you are! All my love and gratitude to you and to all that gather and made our day so special.”

- Carlie Cruz

Art of Guidance Intensive

"Simplicity combined with insights based on an impressively high level of experienced/embodied mastery in guidance.
That is what you get from Katerina Satori and the "Art of Guidance“.
13 Principles - 13 In DepthsExplorations for a Life as a Guide, Teacher or Healer.
Katerina is not a Guide - She is an Artist, capable of supporting you create your own Style/Art in/of Guidance."

- Tina Breit, SpiritualGuide and Mentor for high performers


My mind went galactic with all the possibilities and insights I received during The “Art Of Guidance”.
I was looking for advice on structuring an in-person immersion, and I came away with lots of ideas a beautiful structure I can follow, and so much more…
Katerina is an exquisite teacher who knows how to set a perfect learning pace as she teaches the knowledge she has gained from walking the path we are all on. Highly recommended.

- EnglishMystic- Kev


The Art Of Guidance captures the Essence of the Guide that both Galactifies and grounds what is possible as a Guide into form. There is so much pure GOLD woven throughout this exquisite delivery of mastery. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who dips their toes in cosmic and practical waters.

- Karen, Akashic Messanger.



“I am in awe of how you taught Gene Keys. So much brilliance, grace, love and devotion. I appreciate you so much Thank you.”

-Cheryl Pierce



“That’s some serious creativity in action - masterful work, Katerina - super inspired.”

- Tim Paschke



“Some teach as it is their occupation. Others teach as it is their gift. You are obviously the later! Such a very gifted teacher you are! All my love and gratitude to you and to all that gather and made our day so special.”

- Carlie Cruz

Peru Retreat

“Being with Katerina in the Sacred Valley quite literally changed the trajectory of my entire life.

Who I am, who I am becoming, where I am going, and what is most important became wildly clear.

Her and her team created the perfect space and environment for me to hear myself for the first time in a long time.

Programming was spacious and delightful while also incorporating some challenging experiences as well. All of which contributed greatly to the whole me I brought back to my home, my community, and my family.

There was a lot of logistical planning that went into this experience and her team handled it all so gracefully. I always felt safe and informed. Accommodations were beyond special and the retreat staff filled my heart with so much joy and love every day.
I would 11/10 recommend this journey for any person who feels even the slightest calling.”

- Alexa Bowditch, Sex Coach & Entrepreneur


“In this life we have moments of choice, where the Soul shouts ‘YES’, if we listen, we get to experience something divinely guided. I said YES to Peru and the magic started from the moment I arrived in the sacred valley, with those majestic mountains lowering above the retreat, the delicious food served each day, much of it from the retreats own gardens, the Yoga, Singing, Music, plant medicine, bonfires under the stars, topped by the magical Inca Trail hike to Spiritual Machu Picchu and the colourful markets, making new friends and meeting other like minded Souls, it is all a divinely beautiful experience.

I left part of myself in Peru and I am so looking forward to a return visit to fully re-connection with Pachamama. I Highly recommend it.”

- Kev, EnglishMystic, Shamanic Practictioner


“When we were deciding if we should go on this retreat, we were torn, if it was appropriate due to so much suffering on the planet at the moment. We decided that no one would benefit if we too ( my husband and I) get swept by the collective stress, worry and pain.
So we went and it was like stepping through an initiation portal. Now being back for 3 weeks already, the frequency of wonderment, love, appreciation, connection to peace, healing and communication with nature are still present. This is the difference I noticed. Usually on leaving events, the fun and joy dissipate in couple days but the frequency of Sacred Valley and all the sacred activities and rituals we participated stayed. Thank you Katerina and Peru team.
P.S. I also loved the luxury codes , yet at the same time remaining in connection to nature, adventure, people, and spirit.

-Klara and David, Entrepreneurs


“This retreat was the final “breakthrough” initiation into the feminine that I was seeking, reconnecting me to Mother Earth and the goddess in a lasting, embodied way.

Katerina and her team did an incredible job designing a schedule that was nourishing, transformative, and spacious. I felt safe and guided through all the logistics and also free to explore on my own. Learning from Katerina and being in her energy is always a gift.”

- Taylor Dixon, Business Mentor



“I was called to be on this pilgrimage about 2 months before we left because someone cancelled. My body said “Hell yes” instantly. My heart knew I had to be with this exact group of people. My soul knew I must to be there. My body knew it was time to be in this sacred container and initiations Katerina created. We laughed. We cried. We purged. We hugged. We sang. We danced. We loved. We connected. I went through pure delight, love, and a whole new rebirth as I journeyed through my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realm with the support of everyone there. I felt so safe and supported to be able to release, heal, transform, and nourish to my heart’s content. I made wonderful connections with newfound friends who feel like family now. The meals were so delectable it had to have come straight from the gods and goddesses of the land itself. Everyone on Katerina’s team was pure perfection to the 10th degree. Everything was so organized with space for alone time, small group exploration, and with the whole group.

- Jacqueline Huynh, Founder of the Integrative Minds



“When I watched Katerina talking about her next retreat in Peru on FB I knew I have to go and my inner guidance was right on spot. This beautiful trip to Sacred Valley provided everything I was hoping for and so much more. I left USA stressed out,overworked and out of balance. Sacred Valley welcomed me with majestic beauty and views of mountains, ever changing clouds, colorful sunsets and luscious surroundings. All this natural beauty had such calming and rebalancing effect on my entire body and nervous system. Rich, vibrant colors and smell of flowers, chirping birds and bees, amazing and sweet Peruvian people and delicious, healthy, food were adding even more bliss to the entire experience. Presence of true healers in our own group and meeting Shamans, musicians and guides from Peru added even more healing to my body and soul.
Our trips to Machu Picchu and Sacred Waterfalls were unforgettable with such magnificent views and experiences that will forever stay in my heart.
And to experience this all with my young beautiful son John and all wonderful people in our group that I had a privilege to meet makes me feel so deeply grateful and thankful to my Beloved God.
Since I came back I feel that everything is the same but I’m different.

I’m more peace, stillness and balance. Even if I slip I go back to those feelings.

My meditations are deeper, my intuition and visions are stronger and I look for ways to make my life, my relationship, my business more simple and joyful.

I’m more peace, stillness and balance. Even if I slip I go back to those feelings. My meditations are deeper, my intuition and visions are stronger and I look for ways to make my life, my relationship, my business more simple and joyful.
Thank you Katerina for being such a leader and have courage and willingness to organize this life changing event for all of us.
Thank you Peru and all its sacred beauty, energies, land, animals and wonderful sweet people. Thank you all for being such an amazing part of this trip and my experience. God Bless

-Marcela, Entrepreneur



“My personal experience with Katerina’s retreat to Peru, if I can describe it in one sentence, it would be a Harmonious alignment! We were 19 individuals seeking 19 different experiences and in an incredible way, all together contributing to each other’s experience. Almost all walks of life were represented. The retreat was planned during the rebirth of the earth, on the week of March 21st, this is the Earth’s birthday week based on Mayan ancient practices. Only Katerina could it bring a gathering like this! She did it without knowing what I was doing there, she surrendered herself to the experience and allow everything to flow naturally to create this magnificent experience. My trip to Peru, was a huge transformation. I have new friends from the Andes, new friends here, new awareness, and all because I allow life to happen, because I choose to flow and receive from Katerina her natural gifts in a form of an opportunity and a unique community. Thank you Katerina, thank you life!”

- Jacob Moya, Spiritual Healing Practitioner and Inventor

Wisdom Collective

Goddess Awakening

Katerina Satori's course on Divine Feminine is one of the most important classes you can ever take. As a student of the Goddess for many years, I can only applaud this excellent Master Teacher for creating a heart-nourishing introduction to the Goddesses. You will receive a deep education about the long history of the Goddess(es), and your heart will be warmed repeatedly as you feel the Great Mother stirring in your heart. You can count on many blissful tears from these classes.

- Michael Bright, Writer, Digital Artist


“When this class was offered, I felt a strong and instant YES. During this course, I have met many glorious goddesses: Saraswati, Sekhmet, Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Green Tara, Isis, and Mother Gaia. A deep awareness has occurred inside me, and my goddess's heart has awakened to such feminine love, vulnerability, and strength. I have found a deep strength in my vulnerability—a calmness in my soul. I feel the energy of each goddess now within, whereas before, I would see them from a distance to idolize. I am now able to embody their energies. I am so grateful to Katerina Satori and her ability to share these glorious beings with reverence and honesty. Her gnosis allows for a magnificent delivery of this amazing awakening. A true goddess invites you into the depths of so many others with such finesse. This journey is worth taking for anyone wishing to know the goddesses and their gifts.”

- Fiona Mauchlan, Psychic Animal Communicator


“This course is an extra hundred sets of hands that are all helping me remove the cloak of shame and giving permission to express and trust my self, Purpose, and Truth. Reconnecting with the Goddesses and opening up real relationships with them has turned the frequency way up on a Light that has been shining on all of these things and gently letting me know that I’ve learned from my childhood conditioning isn’t true. The brilliance of the Light is so pure, gentle, and true that as I continue to see these untruths, I can simply let them go and reframe my story. I can be exactly who I am and want to be, and the authenticity of it heals me and brings great joy at the wonder of who and all that I Am. Infinite Mahalos Katerina, I am endlessly grateful for your gifts.”

- Lyndsey, Yoga Teacher


“Katerina has opened the path of female wisdom for me and changed everything in my life. Her teachings reconnected me to the beauty of Flow, the power of Softness, and the wonder of Trust. I highly recommend her work.”

- Tina, Trauma Therapist, Mentor for CEOs



Create Your Altar

The Create Your Altar course was immediately transformative for me. Understanding how natural and normal it is for other cultures to visit their altars multiple times daily was an important lesson. Previously, my spirituality had been stuck in my head and upper chakras. Creating a morning altar practice allowed me to get in my body and make aligned decisions. And when I had my 10-year-old daughter watch the course, it alleviated her depression and improved her self confidence. 

-Dayana Mayfield