Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

Aug 06, 2022

Machu Picchu (MP) - how can I describe its impact on me?

Taking the sacred Inca Trail to get there, hiking through one mountain ridge over the other, and blending my soul essence with the mountains with each step taken.

It moved me to learn that the Trail was only accessible to the top leaders of the Inca civilization and how it was a part of their training and spiritual maturation.

Learning about that took the hike to a whole next level of meaning.

How important it is for us, leaders, to go on pilgrimages of this kind. To strengthen the mind, the will, and give the body a chance to surprise us with what it is truly capable of when the only way is forward.

I also learned about the Andean Emperor, 9th Inca, who had a universal unity level vision and was building MP in secret, setting it up to be the University for the future leaders.

The emperor had over 500 wives and hundreds of children.

How differently people saw marriage and relationships at that time. I bet the Great Emperor of Inca was driven to secure peace with as many local tribes as possible to unify them by marrying their princesses. The Emperor would rarely see one of his wives more than twice in their lives, enough to conceive a child and that was it.

I asked my wonderful tour guide, Alex about what was their standard of beauty at that time.

“Great question,” he said, excited to hear that question.

“It was not about the face for them. It was all about the back. Did the girl have a wide and strong back? Was she able to carry one or two children? Next were the hips. They had to be wide to give birth to a child after child. Then there was hair - a long thick braid was a part of beauty for them.”

“Well, I’d be a warrior and a priestess then,” I concluded.

“My hips are not that wide but I am tall and can see far like a condor, move with power like puma, and I travel between dimensions like a serpent. That’s probably who I was when I lived here.”


I've realized that any place of power that calls me does it because I have my soul essence in it. Peru felt like home right away and I felt deeply received here. As the land was in celebration to unite with me physically again.

MP deserves the honor of taking the Inca Trail to it.

A lot of people only take a train and a bus to see MP for a couple of hours; but the way I experienced it was this incredible pilgrimage all day where you are building intimacy with the ever-changing environment around you and where you are discovering your strength and capacity; and ability to trust that you are protected, supported, and guided.

I had to trust that the water I had on me would be enough for the 8-hour hike. To trust that snacks would be enough to give me energy. To trust my legs to keep moving. To trust that I’d be warm enough. That my back would be able to carry that backpack with all my stuff in it. I had to trust. And trust never failed me.

Trust never failed me on this trip or other ones. Now I am seeing the Alchemy of Trust with so much more clarity.

- from my travel journal, July 2021

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