Align Your Business With Seasons (the feminine way)

Aug 07, 2022

People often ask me, “How do you create success in a feminine way?”

For me, the feminine way is connected to feminine values, such as:

- Spaciousness

- Receptivity

- Intuition

- Patience

- Trust

- Surrender

- Effortless magnetism

- Harmonious growth

- Sustainable prosperity

- Unlimited creativity

- Divine resourcefulness


I learn from the Greatest Teacher in the Universe: Nature Herself.

I follow Her cyclic wisdom and respect Her seasons. Not only do I honor the lunar cycles each month and follow the rhythm of my Womb, but I also follow the rhythm of the Cosmic Womb and listen to her pulse with my heart.

I aligned my entire business to the seasons of nature.

In winter, I REST.

I channel my inner bear and hibernate. I read, research, write, eat nourishing meals, sing, chant, watch good movies, and refine my creations. I do not actively work on new program launches in the winter. I let my visionary mind REST.

In spring, I spring into a delightful dance with creation. I plant seeds in the soil of creativity. I map out my ideas. I put things in the calendar. I ground in structure, rituals, and frameworks. Spring is an active season and I love its dynamism. I love the work that presents itself to me in spring and I embrace it fully.

Summer is for cultivation. There is more work to attend to. It is the time to strengthen what was planted in spring; to pour love and attention into my creations. It is also the time for celebration and the joy of being alive. It is time for play, dance, romance, art, and weekend trips to the beach. Summer is equally for both, creative work and personal play.

Fall is for harvest. This season is to reap what we sow all the months before. It is when we look at the fruits of our devotion with gratitude and joy. Is there anything more fulfilling than this? Fall is also to prepare for winter. It is a transitional time where we begin to feel the changing rhythm. We are invited to slow down and to go into our inner sanctuary more and more. To listen to what wants to die in the winter to give birth to the new in spring.

Katerina Satori. 

Seer • Wisdom Channel • Mystical Mentor

photo credit to Dacota Ross on Unsplash 

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