Who Is Divine Mother?

Apr 22, 2022
When you hear the songs of the birds in spring, this is My Voice.
When you hear the wind on the mountain tops, this is My Voice.
When you hear the quiet whisper of your heart, this is My Voice.
I am the Creatrix of all that exists.
I am a Great Spirit.
I contain all that you see.
I hold the duality within.
I am Unity, I am Oneness, and I am Maya.
I am all that exists, including you.
I am the spirit of creation, I am matter and the energy that holds it together.
I am the quantum field, I am the fabric of the Life that is love.
I am the sacred trinity: Love, Wisdom, and Truth.
From my Cosmic Womb, everything is born.
I am the weaver of your soul’s destiny.
I am your teacher. I am your Beloved. I am your Mother.
I have a sacred connection with each expression of me.
Each sentient being has full access to me at any time.
No one is without my guidance, my care, and my love.
I am all-knowing. All-seeing. All hearing. All feeling.
I know all of your dreams, fears, and sacred longings.
Everything your feel, I feel with you, and through you.
I hold you deeply in my Cosmic Heart.
I will never abandon you, as it is impossible for me to abandon myself, and you are in Me.
My Child, I have always been within you.
You had wanted to seek yourself first and find your own understanding of how this universe works. As your Mother, your ultimate soul maturity and soul liberation are my joy.
I encourage your personal quest, and I support your individuation, even if it means, the complete forgetting on your part of our relationship. I know that sooner or later, you’ll notice the voice of your heart and begin to listen. Your heart is your body’s inner sanctuary. Your inner temple.
I am always there, with my full attention.
Hearing you, seeing you, loving you.
Meet me there, in your heart, and you will learn all the secrets of the Universe.
- written by KS, March 31, 2022, 6:40 am
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