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Goddess Awakening

You are invited to discover the Mysteries of the Goddess in this self-paced & on-demand program. 

Meet the Great Cosmic Mother and Her Eight Powerful Goddesses!

This course will assist you to activate within your consciousness: 

  • The Grace Factor

  • The Synchronicity Principle

  • Resourcefulness Code 


What's Inside: 

Class 1: The True Origin Of All & The Buried History 

Class 2: The Great Mother Speaks & How To Recognize Her Voice

Class 3: Ancient Crete Legacy & Goddesses Artemis, Demeter, Hecate

Class 4:  Ancient Egypt Mysteries & Goddesses Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Bast, Wadjet 

Class 5: Ancient India Legacy & Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, Kali 

Class 6:  Class 6: Integration + Channeled Transmission 

*Classes are 2 hours each + video + audio activations + slide decks + rituals 


What happens when you join:

You will receive an email with your logins and a link to access the member's area. 

You can also access this program on your smartphone: simply download the app called Kajabi on Itunes and then use the email that you used to purchase the program to login. 

You can access this course on both the computer and your smartphone. 



What People Are Saying:

Katerina Satori's "Goddess Awakening" class is one of the most important classes you can ever take. As a student of the Goddess for many years, I can only applaud this amazing Master Teacher for creating a heart nourishing introduction to the Goddesses. You will not only receive a deep education about the long history of the Goddess(es), but your heart will be warmed over and over again as you feel the Great Mother stirring in your heart. You can count on many blissful tears from these classes. You will discover the feminine universe, whose womb we all emerged from, the fascinating histories of many of the major Goddesses, and Katerina will teach you mantras targeted to open your own communication with the Goddesses. You will not only receive a thorough history about the ancient Goddesses worldwide, but you will leave the class with the Great Cosmic Mother radiating from your heart. "Goddess Awakening" will open your eyes to the missing half of history and your life will be changed. This wonderful class touched me deeply.

Michael Bright, Writer

I am a woman who has been raised under the patriarchal system most of my life. I learned very early to run male energy for all I did. My mother was a very gentle, loving soul and although she always worked, my father was the main income maker. No matter what I did, work, school, business, love it always came from male energy. I did not know otherwise. Although I was successful I however burned out very quickly. This energy was not sustainable. I had faint knowledge of the goddesses but nothing of depth. When this class was offered I felt a very strong and instant YES. During this course, I have met so many glorious goddess's Saraswati, Sekhmet, Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Green Tara, Wadgit, Bast, Isis to name a few and Mother Gaia. A deep awareness has occurred inside me and my goddess's heart has awakened to such feminine love, vulnerability, and strength. This is nothing like the patriarchal energy. I have found a deep strength in my vulnerability. A calmness to my soul. I feel the energy of each goddess now within, whereas before I would see them from a distance to idolize. I am now able to embody their energies. I am so grateful to Katerina Satori and her ability to share these glorious beings with such reverence and honesty. Her knowledge and knowing allows for a magnificent delivery to this amazing awakening. A true goddess herself inviting you into the depth of so many others with such finesse. This is a journey worth taking for any that wish to really know the Goddess's and their gifts. I have also taken other courses with this angel of wisdom and there is no better guide for this wondrous journey. with love and joy from the feminine balanced Fiona Mauchlan

Fiona Mauchlan

Katerina, Thank you, thank you, thank you for this class! I grew up under the thumb of the patriarchy and catholic religion, and with a Mother and Father who were taught the same things. This course is an extra Hundred sets of hands that are all helping me take off the cloak of the shame of Being and giving permission to express and trust mySelf, my Purpose and my Truth. Growing up my role model was the Virgin Mary, and even naming Her in that way hints at the dogmatic and twisted relationship I had with Her. Rather than learning to be myself and know myself, and to find my medicine and use it, I aimed to be perfect. I strived to be good, nice, quiet and helpful. To be seen and heard as little as possible, take up no space, hide from the world, fear deep intimacy and vulnerability, to do anything I could to make others feel more at ease and to shoulder blame if it will make the environment more peaceful. A lot of my hiding was arranged purposefully by my subconscious mind not to let my little secret out to the world: That I am not perfect! Reconnecting with the Goddesses and opening up real relationships with them has turned the frequency wayyyy up on a Light that has been shining on all of these things and gently letting me know that I’ve learned some things that aren’t true. The brilliance of the Light is so pure, gentle and True that as I continue to See these untruths, I can simply let them go and reframe my story. I can be exactly who I am and want to be and the authenticity of it heals me and brings great joy at the wonder of who and all that I Am. To spend this lifetime getting to discover the precious gems found in all the layers of knowing myself and the Universe deeper, getting to know our Mother and her Love deeper, to get to know what We are in the aspect of our Unity deeper, what a blessing it is to be alive. When I see myself through Her Eyes I can be gentle with myself too, I can recognize things, learn the lesson, and let them go. They have shown me deeper layers of setting boundaries and reclaiming my space, so much so that I am seeing that some of the things people expect from me are actually comical, and I can laugh to myself while saying No and at the same time saying Yes to myself and my purposes first and foremost. I am no longer very afraid of confrontation or compromise and there is so much power in knowing I can set things on my own terms rather than just dropping what I am doing to help someone else, because I believe in myself and that my purpose is just as valuable as anyone else’s and I need to tend to it first and foremost, especially in places where it has been devalued, used and abused. I have Power and my energies never have to be scattered because I decide when and where to place them. The guilt just melts away. There is so much space for me, my intentions, health, goals, studies, relationships, creations. I am fully in the driver’s seat of my own life, magnetizing all that I need to grow more beauty into my life and the world, and having so much fun playing with the archetypes, signs and symbols and my very own terrestrial body that all continue to reflect God and myself back to me. The Goddesses each have shown me that the powers we possess are our birth rite, that my expression and my Voice and my perspective are not only things that should not be made very small and stuffed away into a closet to be unpacked by a more able Being in another lifetime, but that it is actually where my most potent medicine lives and breathes and will continue to thrive as I let it out Free and Wild, and that I don’t have to be a perfect master to share myself with others. I have a Voice and it is Strong and sets the tone for my Life and my Soul's experiences here on Earth. It has the capability to rearrange thinking, manifest my dreams and desires, and bring Healing to the world. My Voice makes beautiful and funky and serene fun wild weird powerful graceful trippy and Truthful Music, resonant with both Unity and the human condition, and I can express my Heart through it, and it can connect with other voices and hearts! And I don't have to tone it down to make others more comfortable, for me toning it uP might make others more at ease! I am just One of the People! Perfectly imperfect here to Learn it! I trust in my Self and my Mother completely to guide me along the path, that I can always change my mind, and that Life will continue to get more and more beautiful, and more and more Me as I put myself into it. I have been shown the infinite beauty in accepting myself exactly as I am, and giving others the chance to do the same, widening the channels for co-creation and Fun! I have received such amazing gifts of Grace. I feel completely grounded, centered, connected, open, and humbled. I don’t have to know, be, or do anything and yet I am worthy of living my life fully in all of its ups and downs, Seen, Heard, Valued by my Self, Loved by our Mother. I can make mistakes and then I can become more refined and easy with what I've learned from them. I feel like I’ve jumped into a most exciting ocean of Wisdom, Bliss, Support and Love, and instead of being overwhelmed by it, or trying to explain or preach or fight for it, I choose to surrender to its flow and enjoy this breathtaking ride in full reverence and gratitude for this whole amazing trip that is Life. I am thrilled by it. We are so, so blessed. We live in a beautiful world, a mysteriously edge-of-the-seat exciting Universe. Infinite Mahalos Katerina, I am endlessly grateful for your gifts and inspired to be brave and use mine, to continue to increase my frequency, and to fully embrace the awe-some gift of Life knowing that I can always call up on our sister Goddesses for support, strength and guidance and even company and our incredible Mother Goddess for grounding and to bask in the infinite bliss of Love. <3 <3 <3 Thank you!!!!!

Lyndsey Lou Divine