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Surrendering Our Burdens

Surrendering Our Burdens

Oct 16, 2022

Surrendering Our Burdens 


Earth is a wonderful School that offers us a challenging curriculum. Even though we come here to be in joy, we are on a plane of duality and contrast. Difficulties, obstacles, and responsibilities are a part of our earthly experience. Doesn’t it feel at times as if we carry too many heavy burdens? As life begins to weigh us down, with our fast pace, to-do lists, and constant pressure to be everything to everyone (or...is it just me?). I began speaking to Divine Mother through my heart and intuitively was guided to this practice of surrendering all of my burdens at her feet. 


“Mother, please receive any and all of the burdens I carry. Visible and invisible. Mine or not mine. Whatever is too heavy, difficult, or not even mine to worry about, I surrender them all at your feet. I let this day die. I go to sleep now with peace in my heart, knowing that tomorrow morning I will be reborn, with new strength, new clarity, and new energy.”


I love cultivating this practice at the end of the day. My first thought and my last thought always involve gratitude. I release my burdens next so I could let my soul fly free in the dream world, untethered from all earthly concerns. 


At times when I am holding a lot in my professional life, I will pause everything: all the meetings and all the calls, and enter into this practice. I visualize an ancient tree under which I find my peaceful shelter and I bring all of my burdens there. I call in my Spirit Guides and my Invisible Helpers, asking them to help me see the path of least resistance. To help me sort through all those tasks and to decide which ones are essential and which are just noise of busyness. Our Spirit Guides are Wise Beings who can see our lives from the bird's view perspective and their advice is always for our highest good.


Our earthly life can feel burdensome or it can feel delightful. The choice is ours. We can move through each day as it comes, doing our very best, keeping our hearts open in appreciation and curiosity, and then at the end of the day, release all of our burdens at the feet of the Great Mother. 

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