Meditation Bundle

Meditation Bundle is a collection of 25 + audios: rituals, activations, invocations, meditations, spiritual healing, and creative visualizations.

I bundled all of my best audios that were channeled through the YEARS of Alchemy - all in one place & the most accessible offering of mine ever!

Here is what’s inside:

Higher Self Meditations:

• Fearless Self

• Resourceful Self

• Wise Self

Sacred Rituals:

• Intro to the Inner Child Process

• Inner Child Meditation

• Inner Mascluline Meditation

• Inner Feminine Meditation

• Ancestral Healing Ritual

Prosperity & Confidence Activations:

• Morning Devotional Invocation

• Bliss, Harmony, Ease

• I Trust Life

• Releasing All Burdens

• Soul Renewal Invocation + Code of AH

• Prosperity Now Invocation

• Reclaiming Our Sense of Worthiness

• Releasing Perfectionism and Overwhelm

• Calling Your Aligned Clients Ritual

• No Attachment, No Expectation

• Contemplation on Leadership

• Be The Lighthouse, Not The Tugboat

• Contemplation on Surrender

Affirmations & Decrees:

• Calling In Superabundance [7-40 Day Practice]

• Calling In True Love

• Calling In Dream Home

And…Breathwork 101 + Womb Clearing + Sacred Union Coming soon πŸŒΈπŸπŸ‰

With loving devotion,