My Frequency Determines My Reality

Dec 19, 2022

My frequency determines my reality.

Knowing the above, I remember that a barometer of my frequency is my ATTITUDE.

I become more and more aware of my attitude in each moment.

Is it rooted in openness, trust in life, enthusiasm, and warm-heartedness?


Or is my attitude is tainted with old grudges, withholds, judgments, and blame that my ego tells me I have the “right” to hold onto?

Our frequency is a combination of the vibratory rate of our thoughts, feelings, and overall state of being.


Today, may we remember that we bring our frequency everywhere We go.

That our frequency is FELT even before we have a chance to speak.


Today, may we see ourselves as the ones who re-commit to being impeccable keepers of our frequency (thank you Pleiadians for bringing that message to us humans for the last 60 years…we are getting it! Slowly but surely and now the moment is building ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿคฉ).

It is time to bring heaven to earth as a STATE of CONSCIOUSNESS and we do it by mastering our frequency daily.


Our frequency determines our reality.


What do we vibrate? Let’s see our lives as Sacred Mirror ๐Ÿชž It mirrors our dominant vibration.

Vibrate goodness.
Vibrate gratitude.
Radiate warmth.
Radiate serenity.


The Quantum field around you is a part mirror, part boomerang, part one massive echo - everything you put into it, comes back tenfold this lifetime and many others.


May this realization ignites a new depth of devotion to being impeccable keepers of our frequency. It does determine our reality.


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