Frequency Shift

Self-Study Virtual Masterclass With Katerina Sator


LIFETIME access to TWO additional courses:

A. Destiny Clearings (5 sessions, valued at $555.00)

Session 1: Complete Auric Clearing and Pain Body Cleanse

Session 2: Money Karma Clearing

Session 3: Karmic Relationships and Co-Dependancy Clearing


B. Karmic Clearing 2.0 (5 sessions, valued at $555.00)

Session 1: Full Auric Clearing

Session 2: Emotional Body Clearing

Session 3: Shadow Persona’s Clearing

Session 4: Wealth Consciousness Activation

Session 5: DNA & Light Body Activation


What Happens Next: 

When you enroll, you will be redirected to Katerina's Membership site where you can access Frequency Shift classes and bonus training. 

You are more than welcome to join the private group on FB for graduates of Frequency Shift and meet like-minded people, as well as benefit from additional bonus content stored exclusively in the group. 


Excited to serve you,