Frequency Shift

Self-Study Course With Katerina Satori 

I’d like to extend an invitation to join the Frequency Shift™ online course – a proven process for releasing energetic blocks, UPGRADING your aura, and unleashing your unique genius…

Imagine what it would be like to feel clarity, enthusiasm, and Soul purpose coursing through your veins? And having total certainty that you’re on the right path…

What if you brightened up EVERY room you stepped into? And imagine having such a magnetic aura that you attract the perfect people and opportunities into your life with ease…

Believe it or not, this BARELY scratches the surface of what’s possible through the Frequency Shift™ journey.

We’re diving into the RICH, fertile soil of energetics, discovering the heart’s infinite wisdom, remembering the Soul’s divine purpose, and activating the body’s intuitive capacity for always moving in the right direction.

That’s why Frequency Shift™ is NOT for people who are willing to settle for a lukewarm existence… or a muddy energetic field… or a life half-lived, paralyzed by fear… or the same old patterns…

Frequency Shift™ IS for people who are doing their part to make the world a better place (starting with themselves), up-leveling their quality of life, and eager to let go of anything that no longer serves…

Here’s what you’re getting...

Module #1: Energy Field Reset

In the first class, we’re purging unhealthy attachments, psychic entities or vibrational leaks within your energy field.  This revitalizes your aura, upgrades your quality of consciousness, and dissolves internal blocks to your heart’s deepest longings.

Module #2: Ancestral Fear Clearing

Next, we’re dismantling & releasing ALL ancestral fear responses inherited through your bloodline.  You’re breaking up with karmic self-sabotage patterns, stepping out of the OLD story, and entering a new dimension of divine confidence in your organic, visionary capacities.

Module #3: Emotional Body Clearing & Inner Child Process

In the third class, we’re clearing your emotional and astral bodies from any unhealed emotional trauma.  We’ll travel back in time to meet your inner child, heal psychic boundaries, experience spiritual liberation and open your heart to a new, sustainable dimension of Joy.

Module #4: Wealth Consciousness Activation

In this module, we’ll unlock The New Paradigm of Money – a framework that greases the wheels for sacred commerce & financial abundance while maintaining balance, joy, and simplicity.  Say goodbye to stress, hustle & sacrifice…

Module #5: Soul Retrieval Process

In the final session, we’re integrating ALL aspects of your body, mind & Soul.  We’ll reclaim Soul fragments that were split during traumas, and return to Wholeness & completeness.  Additionally, you’ll tap into Shamanic wisdom to inspire your best life.

Plus these bonuses…

You receive lifetime access to two (2) additional programs.  They’re incredibly powerful in shifting your entire energy field, upgrading your quality of life, and activating sustainable prosperity consciousness.

DESTINY CLEARING ($444 value), a fantastic course comprised of three (3) sessions.
- Money Karma Clearing
- Karmic Relationships Clearing
- Pain Body Clearing

You're also getting KARMIC CLEARING 2.0 ($555 value), which includes...
- Shadow Persona Clearing
- Wealth Consciousness Activation
- DNA Activation
- Light Body Activation
- Full Aura Clearing

This bonus material valued at $999 is recommended to review on a continuous basis to the ground and integrate your energetic upgrades.

No-Questions-Asked 100% Money-back Guarantee…

Once you’ve completed the five (5) Frequency Shift™ modules, if you don’t feel you received energetic shifts that outweigh your investment, contact me at [email protected] and we’ll return your full investment without any hassle. 

What Happens Next: 

When you enroll, you will be redirected to Katerina's Membership site where you can access Frequency Shift classes and bonus training. 

You are more than welcome to join the private group on FB for graduates of Frequency Shift and meet like-minded people, as well as benefit from additional bonus content stored exclusively in the group. 


Excited to serve you,