Create Your Spiritual Altar

Beloved Friend, 

I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you this mini-course on how to create and cultivate your own spiritual altar practice. 

This course is designed for spiritual seekers of all levels and I am confident you will find a lot of practical tools + insights that you can apply into your daily life. 

Module 1: How Altar Practice Can Change Your Life

Module 2: Ritual 101

Module 3: The Benevolent Invisible Beings 

Module 4: Altar Tools + Metaphysical Objects 

Module 5: Crystals + Stone People

All the material is in both audio and video formats for your convenience: 

you can access it on your phone via an App or on your computer. 

This course will be yours to keep for a lifetime. 

In service to the Greater Good, 

Katerina Satori.