Sovereign Coach Intensive On-Demand

This is the self-study business program that was taught as a live, virtual 2-day intensive.

Here is what was covered in this intensive that you can get access to as replays at the comfort of your home and go at your own pace: 

Three C’s of the Sovereign Coach 

Craft, Clients, Community  

Session: Craft + Clients 

Your Craft As A Coach 

  • Three Keys To Mastering Your Craft
  • The number #1 secret to being visible in your genius
  • Your Business As An Offering To The Divine      


Session 2: Activated Offers Workshop by special guest expert Tony Teegarden

 In this 2-hour segment Offer, Creation specialist Tony Teegarden shows you how to create demand on demand for your coaching and services by designing your own Activated Offer and so you can deploy it in “real-time” during the workshop! Many of Tony’s clients go from charging $500 for their offers to $3000, $5000 and even $10k+ while doing LESS work.  


Session 3: The Two Essentials To Building A Thriving Online Business

  • Letting Go Of Overwhelm and Complexity
  • Birth and Parent Your Creations 
  • Discipline & Flow Formula

Session 4:  The Future Of Coaching: Trends + Innovation 

  • Navigating the E-Learning Industry
  • Turning Pro As A Coach 
  • Maximizing Connected Learning Model 


Session 5: Clients 

  • Secrets To Making Bold Proposals 
  • Aligned vs. Not-Aligned Clients
  • Client Discernement Process 
  • Three Levels of Clients 
  • Sales and Objections


Session 6: Leadership and Community

  • Spirit-Filled Leadership 
  • Boundaries in Leadership 
  • Harmonious Expansion 


  • Enrollment From Within 2-Hours Audio Training
  • No Attachment, No Expectations Audio
  • Breakthrough Coaching Video recording 

Testimonials Of The Participants: 

“The 2-day online Intensive with Katerina was epic!  So much wisdom with an in-depth mindset shift was taken place.  The clarity and support that Katerina was able to give all throughout are beyond words. I am in awe of the openness of each wise woman in the group that everyone is here to share their deepest desire in becoming their sovereign self with devotion in service.   I am feeling empowered and inspired to take my next step with deeper trust!”

  • Jen Yang, Coach


"The Sovereign Coach Virtual Intensive with Katerina Satori and other 20 women leaders- conscious entrepreneurs, from around the world, felt like a magical retreat in a circle of family.

Katerina is masterful in translating business topics into timeless principles and feminine language, which make it compressible to women who lead with their hearts.

Her commitment and way of being puts you at ease around the topics that can otherwise feel constricting, restricting or overwhelming; such as online marketing, virtual coaching, scaling, competition, enrollment, and pricing, just to name a few...

The content was well structured and very generous! The passion, commitment, and devotion of everybody in the virtual room were palpable.

My biggest take away was the distinction of 3 levels of spiritual consciousness that clients come with. It illuminated a whole set of issues I unconsciously created in my business- for not having had this important piece in place!

Katerina's programs always fill up fast. I am very grateful that I was able to participate in it all the way from Slovakia.

Katerina delivered a needed boost in a time of social distancing and a stagnant economy, sharing her secret "know-how" in how she creates her own economy despite collective crises. I would take this program again and then again a few more times :-)" 

  • Klara Fischerova, Slovakia


"Katerina Satori, working with you is a dream 👑

My service became deeper and more peaceful and at the same time higher and more powerful. A big rebirth in my life after attending your Sovereign Coach Intensive. Immensely grateful for you."

  • Elisabeth Finocchiaro, Coach  


"Thank you! It was completely dimensional-shifting for so many ways ... Working with women is now more inspiring for than ever before and I gift you such deep gratitude for once again creating an environment for all of to feel so safe in! I love you!"

  • Tiffany Rush, Coach 


"Wow. What an experience this was. I got so much out of the class and feel inspired and empowered to implement it!"

  • Katie Kanowsky, Coach