Working With Ascended Masters

 My fellow spiritual pilgrim, 

It is a great joy to share this course with you...

I put together some of the most potent wisdom teachings from

seven spiritual lineages that each of the Ascended Masters represents. 


Why connect with the Ascended Masters?

Although the real gifts transcend physical time and space, connecting with the Ascended Masters offers a new way to live your life:

  • Get clarity on your true mystical gifts, life mission, and galactic assignment
  • Be supported through any life and ascension turbulence
  • Unblock your soul’s natural capacity to heal and expand
  • Discover how to use any life challenge to connect more deeply with
    your spiritual masters
  • Learn practical day-to-day tips, processes, and rituals for staying
    connected with your ascended masters
  • Access multidimensional tools to transmute past wounds and trauma

Who are the Ascended Masters?

Here are the seven Ascended Masters you will meet and learn from:

Class 1: Ascended Master Thoth
Theme: Divine Wisdom
Healing: Akashic Records
Gift: Magic, Alchemy, Writing

Class 2: St Germain
Theme: Conscious Spiritual Communication
Healing: Violet Flame
Gift: Opening The Door To The Infinite Supply

Class: 3 Quan Yin + Lady Nada
Theme: Spiritual Rebel
Healing: Mercy and Justice
Gift: Enlightenment + Sensitivity

Class 4: Serapis Bey
Theme: Karmic Grace
Healing: Healing Of the Soul On A Karmic Level
Gift: Divine Alignment

Class 5: Mother Mary
Theme: Protection
Healing: Grace and Miracles
Gift: Initiation of Trust

Class 6: Mary Magdalene
Theme: Awakened Feminine
Healing: Reclaiming Our Divine Worth
Gift: Awakened Body (Embodiment)

Class 7: Lao Tzu
Theme: Change Is New Stability
Healing: Power
Gift: Balance

You get in one course: 

  • over 16 hours of video content
  • slide deck of each class
  • an audio replay of each class 
  • 10 mystical rituals and activations (audio recordings)
  • 15 most legendary esoteric books (list of those to expand your library)


How This Course Is Delivered: 

  • When you join, you will get access to the Bonus Class on Altar Building and Pre-Training material 
  • In 2 days after you join, the first module gets unlocked in your member's area
  • Then each module gets unlocked every other week, to give you plenty of study and integration time 
  • You will have access to this training for a LIFETIME


This is a mystery school level course and deep dive for you if you are ready to unlock the next level of mastery and sovereignty in your life. 

It would be an honor to serve you,