Private Gene Keys Consultation


***CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - please put your name on the waiting list: [email protected]***


It is a very special experience to dive into the deep well of wisdom such as Gene Keys. 

This transmission changed my life and brought illumination to my entire being. 

I love sharing these teachings with those who are ready to receive them. 


There are three sequences that represent your inner voyage to Awakening, listed below: 

Prime Activation Sequence: Discovering Your Genius
Prime Gifts Activation Sequence:

  • Your Life’s Work
  • Your Evolution
  • Your Radiance
  • Your Higher Purpose

Venus Sequence: Opening Your Heart Into Connectedness

Venus Sequence
The journey from Separation to Wholeness:

  • Your Quest for Meaning
  • Your Attractor Field
  • Your Flowering in the field of Intimacy

Pearl Sequence: Releasing Your Prosperity In Authentic Contribution
Journey To Sacred Business Practice:

  • Your Unique Talents
  • Your True Calling
  • Your Power In A Community

If you feel drawn to experience the Gene Keys with a reading from me, 

It would be so wonderful to share them with you!


  1. Session via Zoom video conference. 
  2. Both video and audio replays of the session will be emailed to you. 
  3. The length of this session is 90 min up to 2 hours  

What's Next: 

Once you book your session, my assistant will reach out to you via email with my earliest availability day, and then we'll rock your session :)  


"My heart has officially been cracked wide open by my session with Katerina and the wisdom of the Gene Keys. While I listened in awe during my reading with Katerina, I was still in that place in-between worlds—not knowing which direction to turn. I was new to the wisdom of the Gene Keys and when Katerina described my profile I couldn’t believe its accuracy!

After the reading, I wasn’t quite sure how to fit this new system of knowledge into my life and so, with trust in my heart, I remained patient. 

Several weeks after my reading, the Gene Keys began calling me, one at a time. I soon learned why they are referred to as ‘Living Wisdom.’

The Gene Keys have since cracked my heart wide open in full remembrance of my near-death experience and the universal wisdom I am meant to embody and share with those willing to hear. 

Thank you Katerina for entering my life at such a transformational moment and igniting me back into my soul alignment and the highest frequency of my heart."

Cherie Aimée

Near-Death Survivor

Transformational Leader


"I was immediately drawn to Katerina when I landed on her page. She has a super potent frequency so I knew she was an embodiment of her work. I was new to Gene Keys and Katerina so elegantly and clearly transmitted the essence of the work. She highlighted aspects of my profile that were exactly what I needed to hear and was extremely relevant to the phase that I am in. As an intuitive and oracle, I am very selective with who I work with.

Katerina's transmission of the work was delivered in such a higher conscious perspective, it immediately activated a remembering, a knowing, an invitation into more of me. After the call, I sobbed. It was a painless release of emotion that was ready to escape my body.

My heart was activated in a way that is comparable to a psychedelic trip.

Truly life-changing work. Infinite gratitude to Katerina and the Gene Keys."

Nathaly, Intuition Mentor & Hypnotist


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