{Virtual} Business Immersion Day

 Welcome to an expansive entrepreneurial experience. You’re ready to receive and create more within your business. Income. Impact. Alignment. All of it. 

You’re ready to step into your sovereignty and embrace a life of freedom, peace, and ease. You want to discover your dharma, your soul’s work, and to fulfill your mission.


And instead, you find yourself:

  • Working with clients who aren’t totally aligned - you’re allowing your energy, your most valuable resource, to be drained. You want to feel inspired by the people you serve.
  • Hiding behind an identity that isn’t fully expressing your soul - you’re outgrowing your career title. You want to share your full, authentic self with humanity.
  • Serving your clients for less than you’re worth - you’re undercharging for your services. You want to receive the abundance that you require to fulfill your mission.


Allow me to be the catalyst for your abundant life.

Meet Your Guide:

I’m Katerina Satori, Sovereignty Mentor, and Business Catalyst. I’m honored you’re considering joining me for one day of an aligned creation.


During our time together, we can:

  • Align you with your new, audacious vision. You’ll create the massive impact you’ve always felt destined for.
  • Elevate your premium sales skills. You’ll close the clients your soul has been longing to work with.
  • Build your lucrative digital program. You’ll generate the passive income you’ve been wanting to receive.
  • Clear out your limiting beliefs. You’ll show up fearlessly as the thought-leader you came here to be.
  • Strategize your next big launch. You’ll share the expansive offers you’ve been afraid to release.

All of this and more are available to you right now.

What’s Included:

  • 1 On-Boarding Call
  • 1 Immersion Day (from 10 am to 5 pm)
  • 1 Integration Call 

Bonus Access

  • Business Mastery Course (value $1100)


To your Mastery, 

Katerina Satori.