Ignite Your Morning: 

How the World's Most Inspiring Leaders Start Their Day


My name is Katerina Satori, and as a mentor to 7-8 figure entrepreneurs and a global community of online educators, healers, and coaches, I am passionate about helping individuals lead with alignment and tap into their full vibrational potential. Starting each day with purposeful intention is the key to achieving sustained success and fulfillment.


Be Inspired

  • Discover the 5 Transformational Practices to Overcome Inertia, Overwhelm, and Loss of Motivation
  • Step-by-step PDF
  • Guided Visualization Audio
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Get In Flow

Learn a vibrational secret to living as a playful dance with the Universe 

  • Activate your inner magnet to attract all you desire into your life¬†
  • Connect with your Resourceful Self to confidently meet the day¬†
  • Learn to hold a vibrational essence to manifest what you're calling in¬†
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Feel Fully Alive  

Get my daily Body Aliveness Activation Practices 

  • Daily Breathwork
  • Daily Movement
  • Daily Relaxation¬†
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What my clients are saying...

‚ÄúFrom the moment I met Katerina, I felt authenticity, congruence, and alignment. Katerina is "for real." She embodies what she teaches; she is what she teaches.‚ÄĚ

Linda Heller, Founder of the Sacred School of Ceremonies.

‚ÄúKaterina is a true modern priestess and a shaman, futuristic and grounded. She can guide you in the most mystical experiences in every area of life.‚ÄĚ

Ivonne Delaflor, Futurist, Filmmaker, Author, Mentor.

“Katerina is a TRUE leader. She brings the highest level of mentorship, guidance, and transformational mastery to the world. She is the Ultimate Guide."

Marci Lock, Alchemist, Author, Ascension Mentor

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