Womb Awakening: Reclaiming Your Feminine Power

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When women come to me for support in activating their feminine power, I teach them how to connect to their womb space.

I share with them the huge creative power that lays in their wombs, waiting to be awakened by their hearts.

I guide them through rituals of uniting their heart and womb.


And I tell a lot of stories.

Stories are how we humans learn best.


I share with my female clients how I move through my moon cycle and how sacred that process is for me.


I give them all a book to read, The Womb Awakening because I know when a woman reconnects with the power of her womb space, she becomes unstoppable in her creative power, wild wisdom, and effortless magnetism.


Every month I celebrate the three days when my moon cycle arrives.

It is my sacred time to nurture my Womb, connect with the spirits of my ancestors, and recalibrate my entire being.


During those 3 days, I shut off an entire world.

I dissolve into my cocoon and allow my body to deeply recharge.

I am mindful of allowing any external noises or information to affect me because I know that my body morphs into a psychic antenna and I can pick up even the subtlest frequencies around me.


I go within.

I lay on my heated bio amethyst mat and I listen to my womb.

I listen to her desires and needs.

I have a dialogue with my womb space.

I write down her requests, her sacred longings, and her deep truths.

I cherish the intimacy of our communication.


But it hasn't always been like that.

Like most women, I was raised without any awareness of the power of my womb.


I was taught to call the most sacred time for a woman a “period” and talk about it in a hushed tone, as it was something to hide or to be embarrassed by, a mere inconvenience and a burden to endure monthly.


Do you want to see a woman disconnected from her true feminine power?


Look for a woman who lives in zero awareness of the power of her moon cycle.

I was that woman.

I remember I had no moon cycle for an entire year.

I was starving myself and working out 2 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep my "ideal" weight at that time of 120 lbs for my 5'8 height.

When my OBgyn suggested that I needed to gain weight for my cycle to restore, I looked at her as if she just asked me to go to the moon.

Gaining weight was off the table.

The pressure of being skinny enough for the bikini modeling Industry at that time was more important than being a healthy female for me.

What I did not know at that time was that I was disconnected from my authentic wild feminine essence.

I thought I was progressive, smart, and business savvy.

The reality was that I rejected my feminine essence and run mostly my warrior energy through my feminine body which shut off my moon cycle and my ability to renew each month and connect with my intuition.

The only thing that brought me to my senses at that time was when my acupuncturist told me that woman’s moon cycle was a direct reflection of her overall health and when I heard that I knew I was going downhill with my health.

Only a few months later my body completely collapsed in adrenal exhaustion and I couldn’t get out of bed for days, or interact with people. That was the chapter of my rapid awakening through the archetype of the wounded healer that walked into my life.


What it taught me is that burnout is INEVITABLE when a woman’s body is disconnected from her womb.

And the womb is not just a physical place that holds a woman’s organs together.

A womb is a multilayered energetic space of feminine creative power, wild wisdom, and a portal of her deepest desires.

Men have their own womb space, called Hara, and I share with men how they can activate that power center in their bodies as well, but this post is written for women…


Do you want to see a woman that is easiest to manipulate or disempower?

It will be a woman disconnected from her deepest desires.

Either because she thinks she is not worthy of them,

Or she “tried” to manifest them many times just to experience a bitter disappointment and to desire them again is too painful so she buries them under the sadness of her dreams unrealized.


When a woman comes to me for guidance, the first thing I focus on is to help her connect to her true desires.

I remind her that desire is the engine of creation.


I ask her to put aside all of those very masculine ideas of spirituality in terms of transcending all desires and dissolving into the void of emptiness…




I say to a woman, “It’s time to stop transcending and start merging.

MERGE with your desire.

Feel the fire of it opening your womb, purifying old energetic imprints of everyone who told you that you were not worthy of your heart desires and instead you must sacrifice yourself, or be a nice girl and definitely not to ask for much or settle for crumbs.


I am so over that patriarchial programming. 

Beloved woman, do you think that you chose to incarnate as a woman simply to transcend your heart’s longings? I doubt it! 

You choose to experience this incarnation in the female body so you could FEEL your way through and allow your feeling nature to guide you towards your soul destiny. 




I have observed these pivotal shifts in my own life experience and in the lives of many women once they connect to the sacredness of their moon cycle and their womb space:


1. Instinctual Wisdom.

The Wild Woman archetype finally emerges in a woman. She moves through the world with a new level of sass, audacity, and sensual freedom. She stops looking to others for permission to be all she came here to be. Instead, she begins to follow her instinctual wisdom, guided by her intuition. She learns the difference between being nice and being kind. When a Wild Woman awakens in her, she is not interested in being a nice girl for others. She chooses to be a kind woman to herself - and that kindness naturally extends to others, while at the same time maintaining clear boundaries with others.


2. Desire.

 A woman that is connected to her Womb space, trusts, and honors her desires. She stops settling, compromising, or feeling guilty for taking too much space. She begins to expand her capacity to take up all the space she needs for the bigness of her energy. She begins to make more and more waves with her energy; creating new patterns of manifestations by the waves of her desires. She begins to trust her capacity to create ANYTHING she desires through her soul gifts and unique abilities and she also learns the power of trusting her ability to lean back and receive her desires effortlessly and easily.


3. Creative power.

 When a woman reconnects her Heart to her Womb Space, she begins to give birth to her dream realities. Literally. Anything can be created through the power of that portal. She begins to work with the moon transits, to honor the new and full moon as sacred energetic openings to release the old and to launch the new. She begins to be more DARING in her creative power, playful around the process her creations come into being and joyful living in her body.


Now, the power of a woman’s womb does not stop when her moon cycle stops.

It only grows in energetic power in time.

The same applies to women who had surgeries and whose physical wombs have been surgically affected.


Womb space is an ENERGY PORTAL first and foremost.

And when a woman begins to connect and activate that portal, everything changes in her life.

She becomes more MAGNETIC.

She exudes natural radiance.

She is confident and rooted in her authentic feminine essence.

And more than anything she becomes more truthful. 

She honors the voice of her Womb as a living oracle within her body.

 The Oracle that guides her moment by moment to only the best and of the highest alignment for her.

Oracle is a voice of the sacred feminine, awakened and embodied within her.


What can be more powerful than a Woman connected to her Womb Wisdom?

I can only share my experience.

Being connected to my Womb Oracle has changed everything for me.


And that is why I feel it is my sacred duty to share this message with other women. 


P.S. Listen to the short episode I recorded on my podcast, called "Let's Talk About The Moon Cycle" >>> HERE  {14 min long audio} 

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