On Failed Projects.

#businesswisdom May 04, 2022

It’s inevitable: At least one (most likely a few) of your projects will not launch as you wish they did.

If you really dare to bring something bold into the world, sometimes Fortune will favor your boldness, and at other times it will deliver you a generous serving of humility soup to teach you a deeper lesson.

You may see me envisioning, promoting, and seemingly effortlessly delivering all kinds of programs, courses, and events. And it can feel both, inspiring and intimidating. The comparison voices may begin to haunt you.

I want you to know that my biggest (and very public) failures have been the biggest teachings on my path.

The year 2018, when my retreat in Hawaii never launched.
I invested months into it.

Traveled to the island, personally tested all that I wanted to offer my guests. Paid deposits to secure things. And I pushed, and pushed for it to happen…and it never did.

The massive humility soup from the island was just the purification for my ego that was convinced at that time that with just enough willpower, I can move mountains.

The island of Hawaii was not in resonance with my high horse attitude so it never let me in.
This was prior to me learning to humbly ask for permission from the land before arrogantly marching into it with my agenda.

Not only did the experience teach me humility, but it also taught me the value of leading through transparency.

I had a choice: to leak my wounds in private or to reveal my lesson in public.

It was not easy but I made the choice to value the lesson of failure and to share the gold of that experience with my community.

I know without a doubt, that what looks like failure only appears this way on the surface.

There is a hidden beauty in each twist on the path.

That beauty for me is humility. A deep sense of knowing that when I am given a Vision, it is not “mine” - it belongs to the world. And when I remember that, every experience is a success because it helps me grow in WISDOM. And wisdom, well, it’s PRICELESS.

Embrace the entirety of your journey, including failures.

One day, you’ll see the hidden beauty in them.


With devotion,

Katerina Satori 


Visionary Leadership Mentor 

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