No One is Born Courageus

Jul 17, 2023

It is something we choose to become. After facing trials of life, choice points, and standing on crushed dreams, we choose to believe a different kind of life is possible.

I have spent many years in my warrior archetype. In my masculine energy, fighting for my right to exist. Sculpting my reality with sheer willpower and iron-clad discipline. It was only time for my body to collapse under all that pressure. It was the only way for my body to get my attention. Years of unhealed trauma and suppressed pain caught up with me, and I faced my first initiation through health. When health challenges come, they shake us. Our mortality awakens a new search.

I began waking up from the trance of obsessive achievement. It was a slow progress. I’d take a few steps forward and many steps back. I kept being stuck in repeating numbing patterns. I did not know how to feel. Presence was out of reach. There was a deep restlessness within me, always living in the future, searching for something more exciting than where I was.

The courage to feel again and to look within my own psyche did not come easy. I needed help desperately, and my soul guided me to potent healers - visionary plants. Journey after journey, I was getting to know the invisible reality. Once I peeked through the veil, I wanted the whole truth. “Show me what you are, Universe,” I asked. “Show me who I am and why I am here.”

Gently and steadily, the plants worked on my consciousness. Awakening my potential, helping me forgive those who hurt me, and showing me a bigger picture.

Gently and steadily, they opened my eyes to a different way of being.

Gently and steadily, they helped me let go of the crutches of my addictions. One by one, the habits killing my soul began to fall away.

And then, the visions came…

Visions from past lives. Flashes into the future—glimpses of possibilities. “You can create the life you want,” they’d encourage me. “It will take patience. It will take courage. If you follow your true path, you will manifest your biggest dreams one day.”

They were right as I write this, and everything that surrounds me now used to be an impossible dream. Things I have access to now used to be so out of reach.

And now, there are new levels of courage for me to access. The difference is the place I access it from. I no longer fight life or struggle against its flow.

I am in a loving relationship with Life and trust it unconditionally. My feminine has bloomed naturally once I provided the space to unfold. No more forcing my way through, it is not necessary. Now, I dance with existence, guided by the Presence, and cultivate courage from choosing to be all I came here to be.
No one is born courageous. We choose to unlock our courage once we tire of living otherwise.

Katerina Satori

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