I wish they left me a dollar...

#sovereignty Mar 14, 2023

"I wish they left me a dollar..."
I was thinking each time approached a new room to clean.

The relief would fill me when I saw a dollar left on the table or even a few. That money was a gift from Above, a sign of hope that I am taken care of by the God I so deeply believed in.

The level of faith I had in the Higher Power guided me to this new country, America, the land of all possibilities that I dreamt of as a little girl back in Russia.

I waited patiently for the opportunity to have a new life.

A life that gave me a fair chance to succeed, to make something of myself, and without the oppression of the society I was born into.

Here I was, all the way in Alaska that I traveled to, putting all of my bets on that one chance. It was a miracle to be there, after so many trials, leaving everything behind, and leaping into the unknown, guided only by faith. Arriving for a summer job to be a hostess in a hotel, just to be told that the tourist season was too slow to employ a hostess. A housekeeping job was offered to me and I was grateful to accept it. Little did I know that my paycheck would be two weeks away, and how to survive those two weeks without any money or no one to ask for help.

“I wish they left me a dollar,” became a silent wish, each time I pushed my overloaded housekeeping cart from one room to the next.

The money I would find in the rooms I used to buy food. Simple food, Saltine crackers, oatmeal, and apples.
They gave me the energy I needed to clean rooms well.

“If you do it, do it well, or not touch it at all,” my mom’s voice rang in my head. She installed a hard work ethic in me. Ironclad discipline and tenacity to preserver against all odds. Complaining was below my dignity. Showing up for the task at hand, no matter what it was.

I did my housekeeping job with all my heart so much that I was awarded the best housekeeper award of $50 in the first (and only) month I was a housekeeper.

“How strange these people are, Americans,” I thought to myself, “You get rewarded here for working hard.”

I left that housekeeping job after the first month when I realized the minimum wage was too low to ever reach my financial goals that summer to pay for my college in Europe. I realized if I want to earn more money than a minimum wage, it would be up to me to find a new opportunity and to CLAIM it.

That evening I went on the streets.

I knocked on the doors of all businesses around town, introducing myself as a student from Europe, here on a summer job, available for hire. Was it my unbridle enthusiasm that people could not resist or good luck, who knows, but that night I was hired at two places: a gift shop and a pizza place. My work schedule was intense, but I was built for it: from 7 am to 10 pm I worked, with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart.

That summer, in 2004, in Alaska, taught me many lessons on what it takes to create opportunities for oneself. To laugh obstacles in the face and to sculpt your destiny with your bare hands. So much was ahead for me to transform and I was not afraid to work for what I wanted.

Years later, I began meeting Divine Messengers on my path who began introducing me to the power of the MIND to unlock my sovereignty.

I threw myself into self-transformation.
I wanted to crack the code of Abundance and become a sovereign woman.
One by one, I would find a limiting belief about money in my mind and transform it.
I have not stopped this transformation ever since.
It became a fascinating area of mine: how to take the lead you were born into and alchemize it into GOLD.

The GOLD is in transformation.
From struggle to JOY.
From poverty to abundance.
From scarcity to plenty.

As I write this now, after creating the life of my dreams, where I do the work I was born to do, helping liberate others into their greatest potential, I am in awe...in awe of the power of transformation that is available to any human being. 

Humble beginnings often serve as fertile soil to plant the seeds of our soul's destiny. 

Faith is needed to walk that journey. Faith in oneself, faith in the Higher Power, and tenacity to transform anything into your power. 

Katerina Satori

Transformational Guide, Mentor, Entrepreneur 

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