I trust the next moment.

Jan 03, 2023

Consciousness Hack #1

My beloved soul Ally and a very inspiring being, Andrew Salony often talks about Consciousness Hacks - a word or two that instantly break the spell of confusion and illusion to anchor the mind back into the truth of Reality.


Mmm, I used to refer to these as “mantras” and “anchoring phrases”.

My clients know about this as they often have journals FULL with phrases like that when they are channeled into the Field of Guidance that gets created during our Mentorship Meetings.


I Trust The Next Moment.

• when I head into the surgery
• when I injured my back
• when my mom got a stroke
• when the relationship I was REALLY hopeful about ends in 60 days
• when my “plan” doesn’t work
• when I am under the wave of creative dullness
• when my fur baby is lost
• when I get a massive tax bill 💵
• when I am overwhelmed in my responsibilities
• when I feel alone in my leadership
• when…when…when…


ALL IS EVER REQUIRED to move through ANYTHING is my willingness to TRUST the NEXT moment.

Just one moment.
And the next one.
And the one afterwards.


Oh how simple life gets.

When I liberate my mind from living in the past or the future, I return to the ONLY place where I can find my true POWER.


My unconditional trust in the next moment.

The next moment spontaneously arises and in it lays everything I require to meet it with Grace.


I offer this to your, beloved friend, as an invitation to lean on this consciousness hack and make it a part of your being, living, serving, and leading.

Because the strength of our Leadership lays in the depth of our trust.

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