Gratitude is a fragnance of a healed heart.

Nov 11, 2022

There is beauty and a sense of nobility in cultivating sincere gratitude for receiving our lessons from Life.

No matter what arises, I train my mind to say “thank you.”

I receive my lessons with gratitude.

I open to my lessons with curiosity and willingness to look at my stuff: my constrictions, opinions, avoidance patterns, gaps in communication, withholds, and judgments.

I choose to look at them so they don’t build up and become cancerous.

I choose to alchemize my shadows and transform them into soul brilliance.


When someone criticizes me and it feels terribly unfair; I train my mind not to defend myself but stay present and say “thank you” internally and externally ~ as I understand people only see their story of me and projections are a part of the story.

In gratitude, I not only find my strength but also find my freedom.


When I am in gratitude, I cannot be in worry. My heart is filled with the sunshine 🌞 of gratitude.

I wake up and say thank you.
Lessons come through the day and I receive them with gratitude.


Everything is welcomed in my experience: from ecstatic bliss to deep melancholy. All is useful if it arrives at my door 🚪 and I remember to meet it with gratitude.


Gratitude is a fragrance of a healed heart ♥️


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