I Date Myself For The Rest Of My Life

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for the rest of my life...

 and this is WHY...


Oh, the deliciousness of being in a vibrant, wild, orgasmic, sensual, erotic, creatively rich, inspiring, and adventurous relationship with yourself - it can only be experienced to know what I am referring to here. 


People often ask me, "How do you do self-care so well, Katerina? How do you find the time, transcend the monkey mind, and make yourself a priority, not only once a year, on your birthday, but every single day?"

Well, the answer is, my darlings, 


Dating myself began as a weekly practice of actually taking myself on a date. 

Now it is a LIFESTYLE. 

{photo taken in Bali, Feb 2020, on my yearly sabbatical}


Trust me, I LOVE it when I am on a date with a man who embodies the courtship codes and has a style when it comes to romancing a feminine heart. 

I love it SOOO much that I practically melt in a deep appreciation when I have that experience. 

But here is the KEY...

I don't need to source my romance from ANYONE outside of myself or depend on anyone to give me that FEELING. 

I can CREATE it. 

From within. 

from a place of being in a romance with my own HEART.

 And that is SO deeply fulfilling. 

So liberating, as well, as you are generating your own BLISS. 

Your own beauty, your own sustainable sense of JOY. 


So...if you desire to experience more of: 


  • Sensual Bliss
  • Erotic Delight
  • Adventure filled Life 
  • Beauty and more beauty
  • Flow and Harmony 


if you want it, CREATE IT. 

One choice at a time. 

Choices to put yourself first such as: 


🌺Booking a photoshoot to see YOURSELF in a new light 

🌺 Receiving loving and healing touch weekly (hello, Thai massage) 

🌺 Becoming your own best lover (pleasure codes) 


🌺 Making sure your home looks and feels like a temple of beauty 

🌺 Activating elegance codes by paying attention to how you walk 

 🌺 Looking into your eyes daily and eye-gazing with your SOUL 

 🌺Giving yourself novel experiences and those do not have to be outrageously expensive to be memorable 

🌺Attending sound baths 

 🌺Creating your own dream picnic 

So many ideas to play with - pick one and weave it into your life today!

 Because at the end of your life, I doubt you'll say you regret having too many massages, too many adventures, or too many orgasmic moments...

I guarantee that you won't say that. 

You may say however that you wished you gave yourself permission to date yourself with more WILD flare and to share that sense of aliveness with anyone you meet, whether your romantic partner, or your children, or your students and clients...

EVERYONE WILL BENEFIT from you living a more sensuous life and it begins with choosing to fall in LOVE with yourself. 

One day at a time for the rest of your life. 


Date yourself. 

Never stop dating yourself. 

See what happens. 


<<< See my Youtube Video>>> The Art Of Romancing Your Own Heart 


P.S. Photo by Darius Bashar @Unsplash

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