Grateful For The Mud

Dec 29, 2022

The power of Darkness

What does it mean to transform yourself?
What does it mean to be willing to die to your old self?
What does it mean to descend into the underworld and to sit with your own inner demons?

The lotus grows in the mud.

And to embrace the mud of our lives is to stop fighting PAIN.
To stop rationalizing your pain. Stop trying to find a reason for finding yourself in the mud. To stop fighting your pain and to dare to FEEL it.

To surrender to the mystery of the mud, the underworld, and the inner demons you can't stand admitting exist within your psyche.

Pain is the CATALYST for awakening.
Pain is the sacred teacher that does not respond to the commands of the ego.
Pain arrives to be respected.
Pain arrives to be learned from.
When we exhaust ourselves from running and dare to feel it, it begins to reveal its true curriculum.

It teaches us that all of our sufferings are connected to the past.
Pain shows us the direction of our frozen power.
To live disconnected from our true power is painful.

Pain arrives to help us UNFREEZE.
But before we can thaw, we will burn.
To sit in the fire of your own suffering is the alchemy of transformation.

To sit and let the fire of your soul show you the old cave you've been living, entranced by the nightmares of your own mind. Pain wants to liberate your power so you could find what your soul is longing for:


The aim of darkness is to liberate our light.
There is a light in the mud. There is always the light.
It is at the very core of our hearts. When we feel our heart, we feel the light.

Pain - Power - Purpose

I've set with my inner demons, I've lived in the mud, I allowed the pain to break me open, to unlock my true power.

All of it was possible when I embraced the teachings of the Darkness and it brought my Inner Light out.

And now people say, how is it that you are always in your JOY?

Joy is the fragrance of the healed heart.
Darkness was the medicine for healing.

I bow to its sacred teachings on this Solstice.
Honoring the dark. Honoring the light.
Grateful for the mud.

Katerina Satori

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