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Don't Be The One Who Gives Up

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It’s easy to give up. 

Half-heartedness may feel like a relief. 

Self-sabotage can get justified. 

And you can make a more powerful choice. 


Don’t be the one who gives up. 


Be the one who goes all in. 

Be the one who lives with generosity. 

Be the one whose love touches 

Others so deeply, 

They are transformed.


Be the one who believes in her dreams, 

Be the one who dares to create, 

Be the one who is willing to get up

And begin again and again. 


And if you want to give up, 

Give up all the small ideas 

Of what is possible for you to create

From your current circumstances. 


Be the one who gives up worry, 

And distrust in the Intelligence of Life. 

Be the one who gives up the lack, 

And the fear of tomorrow. 


Be the one who gives up 

Negative thoughts and self-judgment; 

Self-defeating habits and patterns. 


Give it ALL up for your Soul Ascension. 

Shed all that is small to liberate your Divinity. 

Your Light body is within you. 

Activate it and become a Time Traveller. 


A Multidimensional Being

Who is here again, for the JOY of it, 

For the expansion of the Universe. 


Be the one who knows what to give up 

And what to never give up. 


- July 20, 201, Peru, Sacred Valley 

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