Creative Rebel: From Surviving to Thriving

#creativerebel #katerinasatori #sovereignty May 03, 2022

The key archetype that can assist us in breaking free from survival into thriving is a Creative Rebel. 

Creative Rebel begins to awaken in us when we get FED UP living someone else’s version of life. ⁣

When we get sick and tired of repeating our parent's blueprint of life, whether it is through barely surviving, living in debt, or making money at all costs, including our dignity, health, or relationships. ⁣

Creative Rebel will begin to awaken in us when we realize this simple truth:

every day we wake up either to work on our own dream or we wake up to work on someone else’s dream.

That realization was so shocking for me that I made the most powerful decision of my life: to stop waiting and start creating. ⁣

⚡️I stopped waiting for my perfect soulmate to arrive so I could finally build my dream life together with him. ⁣

⚡️I stopped waiting to be discovered by a dream benefactor. ⁣

⚡️And I stopped waiting for a better time because I got honest with myself about a simple fact: the more I wait, the less vitality I’ll have to create. ⁣

Every year that went by like a flash and the heaviness of living with unexpressed potential was killing my soul. All of my addictions, whether to stimulants or suppressors, were my old crutches of moving through life with that much heaviness on my soul. ⁣

Once a Creative Rebel awakened in me and I began following my soul’s passion doing the work that I loved, all the ‘crutches’ naturally fell away because I did not feel the need to escape the present moment. ⁣

It does not matter what your current circumstances are. You are never locked into them forever. Every moment is pregnant with possibilities when you begin to see it through your creative mind. ⁣

Create, don’t wait.

Start where you are.
With what you have.
Make a tiny step or a giant leap. ⁣
May a Creative Rebel Awaken in your fully.

Katerina Satori
Mentor • Entrepreneur


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