Create A Life You Are Inspired By

Jan 03, 2023

“How do you create so much content?” I often get asked.

And I smile because, truth to be told, I am just warming up…I feel I am just accessing my true creative capacity…


The content is spilling over me because i created a life that I am inspired by.

My inspiration is like a fountain of spring water that is connected to the origin of existence itself - Divine Shakti.


I am also very clear on what inspires me:

• beauty
• tranquility
• nature
• animals
• romance
• contribution
• creativity
• service
• Ram Dass & Alan Watts talks
• adventures
• road trips
• reading magnificent books

…and so on ๐ŸŒบ


Create A Life You Are Inspired By

…and you’ll never run out of

• motivation
• determination
• courage
• willingness
• daring to go for it
• playfulness
• fearlessness


It was always about WHO would I be required to BECOME as a result of the journey for me.


When I went into the path I am on ALL-in, as my lifelong career and not a seasonal hobby, I spend days digging for my true WHY.

Jim Rohn was the one who helped me uncover it when I heard:

“Success is something you attract by the person you become.”


To me, true success is creating a life you are deeply inspired by. And when you do, inspiring content is just spilling over you everywhere you go.

Service is a natural emanation of an awakened being. You serve because it brings you JOY. You create because it’s who you are.


Create the life that you are inspired by.

Because you can.
Because of who you’ll become.
Because it will begin to fuel you from within and never run out.


It’s who you are in your natural state. Call it forward. Allow it to unfold. See what happens next.

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