I Am Bringing Blogging Back!

blog katerinasatori soulfulblogging Jul 20, 2021

I am bringing blogging back. 


Wasn’t blogging the way to share what's moving through your soul?

How do you express your heart? What are you unlearning? What are you mastering? 

Where did you make your last epic 'mistake'? What do you feel called to create next from your full heart?


If so, I’d like to start the Soulful Blogging movement ~ seeing into our souls through the gift of writing about our perspectives, experiences, and discoveries. 

Soulful Blogging is meant to be REAL not perfect. 

Each individual style is welcomed and honored. 


What if that was your new daily practice ~ connecting with your Essence Self through writing about your experiences? 


Morning pages have fulfilled that need for me for years. 

I say “need” because I see it like that: our emotional layers need to be shifted, turned over in a way, to prevent emotional rigidity and inflexibility. By reflecting on our inner lives, we enrich them. We notice the fresh beauty by shifting our perspectives, by releasing our attachments to being seen in a particular way and becoming more engaged with our NOW moment from the place of curiosity and playfulness. 


I am bringing blogging back and I intend to make it Soulful, real, not perfect, and uniquely in my own style. 

I will do it for the JOY of creativity and if what I share, inspires someone to step into the freshness of expression, then this process will become even more delightful. 

I am here to be an instrument in the hands of a Great Artist and I find myself in awe of what begins to unfold through our lives when we trust the Divine Design and the Beauty that is possible to channel through us. 

All we are ever asked is to trust what brings us JOY. 

And to follow it wherever it leads us. 


Katerina Satori 

“I guide visionary leaders to transcend stuck attachments, fully embody their genius, and ascend into ecstatic co-creation with life.”

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