Be The Field of Love

#blog #leadership May 03, 2022

“Be the Field of Love”, is the daily mantra that I walk with.

Leading from my Wholeness means I do not hide my humaneness; quite the opposite - I honor my human self that gets up every morning and continues to Lead with Love.

No matter what shows up, I trust it.

No matter who approves of me celebrates, supports me, or who feels disappointed in their image of me, I know everything is useful for my growth.

No matter who I get to release out of my life or who simply disappears without saying goodbye, I know I can trust that too.

No matter how much my Path requires me to expand my capacity to serve, I trust my training and I know I was born to lead.

The depth of my trust is the strength of my leadership.

I choose to be the field of love.

Living, breathing, laughing, crying, dancing, and listening Field of Love.

And when I lose my awareness, and begin to feel weary on this path, or the wave of melancholy or existential pessimism comes over me, I trust it too - I welcome it as part of the Sacred Wound of being Human.

My heart ♥️ will always guide me Home. It will remind me to be the field of love and keep leading from that place.

Let’s walk together on our path of leadership rooted in deep trust and love.

We are on the same team: Team Spirit.

We serve the same Higher Vision: healing of the Soul of the World.

Let’s see a Human in a leader we admire.

Let’s see a vulnerable human, able to make mistakes, lose perspective, get frustrated, fatigued, overwhelmed, and oh so lonely on this path, and let’s see the one who can get stretched too thin, not able to sleep at times because the Vision that beats in her/his soul is so big and so alive…let’s see a human in each other and refuse to think that leaders are those super beings, no, they are humans.

Humans…daring to LEAD. 

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