The Power of Commitment

#commitment #businesswisdom May 04, 2022

13 years ago I began to discover the power of COMMITMENT. ⁣

Here in this photo I am 27 years old and just signed my divorce papers, looking into the future with hope and relief. ⁣

Relief, because behind me were the months of emotional turmoil with my then-husband who had a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that we both were deeply wounded adolescents who had to take the self-discovery journey on our own to heal those wounds. ⁣

Hope, that I could begin to live with a renewed sense of authenticity, even if it meant leaving everything behind and starting my life from scratch. ⁣

Here in this photo, I am standing on the threshold of the new chapter. I just discovered the healing power of physical MOVEMENT. I was not ready to talk about my feelings at that time because I didn’t know how to access them safely without being crushed by the tsunami of them, but I made a discovery: ⁣

When I moved, I felt better. ⁣

A couple of months later, I met my very first coach. ⁣

He was a fitness guru. ⁣

Well known in his early days, now in his seventies, still willing to share his wisdom and build a legacy. ⁣

I’ve never made a stronger promise to anyone as I did to him. I told him I’d train every day. ⁣

And I did. ⁣

On the days when my commitment was fresh, it was easy to ride that commitment “high”. ⁣

On the days when I didn’t feel like training, and the dullness was setting in, I’d imagine my elderly coach's face and his eyes locked into me and I dared not to fail on my word. ⁣

My commitment gave me FUEL. ⁣

I’ll tell the full story in my book soon but I tapped into that energy of commitment to transfer it into an area that I am currently choosing to GROW. ⁣

And true GROWTH does not depend on our moods. ⁣

True growth is built on our WILL.⁣

Our passion is based on our deepest WHY. On the audacity to really surprise yourself with the fullness of your true potential. ⁣

I used to fear commitment as I thought I’d lose my freedom. ⁣

Life has taught me that I can find my true freedom when I discover the power of Commitment. ⁣


It was not easy to really “get” this topic on the level of embodiment. And only now do I see the enormous FREEDOM that lies in it. ⁣

With devotion,

Katerina Satori 


Visionary Leadership Mentor 

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