Attune Your Mind To Freedom and Bliss

#blog #genekeys #sovereignmind May 03, 2022

Imagine there are three radio stations that you can tune your mind to:

  • Victim station (the easiest to see in others and the most difficult to recognize in yourself).
  • Freedom station (when your mind is clear as a sunny day and you remember that no one has the power to take away your freedom).
  • Bliss station (the mystical awareness of being at One with everything and as Krishnamurti said once, “The secret of my happiness is that I don’t mind what happens.”)

The signs you can recognize that you began to tune into the Victim Station:

1. Blaming
2. Judging
3. Complaining

When you hear your mind wanting to blame ANYTHING outside of yourself, PAUSE…notice, catch the slippery thing called your thought and make a pivot inside. Shift your awareness into the present moment, take a breath, and choose to release blame. When we blame, we create an energetic HOOK that keeps us attached to the situation, person/or idea that we blame.

Judgment, including self-judgment, will immediately drop your vibration to the level of survival (aka separation) and begin to attract more things for you to feel judgmental about. PAUSE. Replace self-judgment with self-forgiveness. Gently, befriend a part of your mind that is so afraid that it judges everything in sight. When you stop judging yourself, you naturally become less and less judgmental towards others. (Trust me on this, as I had suffered from a very judgmental mind since I was a teenager; I unconsciously adopted my mother's judgemental attitude and didn't know how to separate her critical voice from mine. That is the power of doing ancestral healing, my friend! You stop carrying your parents' negative voices inside and believing them to be true).

It is so easy to see others playing Victim Station but it is so humbling to see it in ourselves, isn’t so?

Choose to attune your mind to Freedom that will lead you into Bliss which is your natural state of being, unobstructed by fearful thoughts.

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