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The energy source of Mother Earth, her Kundalini, has shifted to the Andean region of Peru. There is no other place on the planet like this.

If we become what we surround ourselves with – what is surrounding you? Your alarm clock blares, appointment reminders go off, and your responsibilities start all over again with the next sunrise. 

This “always on” lifestyle drowns out the true voice of your heart and vision, while even creating imbalances in your nervous system. That's why, as a visionary, the choice is yours to make...


Your soul calls for rediscovery – and you cannot grow without listening. Every leader will stand at this threshold.

Do you stay stagnant? Or do you attune to a life-changing energy shift by surrounding yourself with spiritual allies and BEAUTY?

Join my side, in the enchanted land of Peru to embark on your soul's long-awaited Vision Quest – a spiritual evolutionary voyage.

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In Peru's Sacred Valley, this ADVENTURE retreat is for individuals, kindred spirits, and families who are ready to sense life in a new way. Our group will be alone, but together, in Samadhi's holistic wellness center. This luxury retreat center was designed using sacred geometry to reflect the 7 energies of the human body – a serene place to breathe deeply, connect to the Source, and reignite a love for your path.

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On this 10-day journey with our group, you are invited to:

Trek the mystical Inca Trail

A guided hike that lasts nearly one day, but delivers you a TRULY transformative sense of victory. At sunset, we'll end our journey walking through the Sun Gate towards the light-kissed Inca ruins. You get to step into the magnificent lost city of Machu Picchu.

Revel in South America's legendary nature

From sparkling waterfalls to lush green forests with wildlife, the epic Andean mountains, and a vast landscape dotted with archeological ruins.

Receive mentorship and leadership training from me, Katerina Satori,

through learning, listening, and being. Together we will explore up-leveling our service to World.

Visit local bazaars

Enjoy colorful artisan markets with magical selections of woven blankets, gorgeous ceramics, soft alpaca sweaters, and other traditional goods made by Indigenous themselves.

Heal deeply with Sacred plant medicine

San Pedro cactus is known as the "teacher plant" because its experience offers us profound wisdom and healing. Through Shamanic cleansing, you can access heightened consciousness and unprecedented creativity.

Nutritious, organic meals from artistic chefs

Fuel your mind, body, and spirit with balanced and healthy immune-system boosting dishes. Think superfoods! Each delicious meal is beautifully crafted with a focus on detoxifying our bodies.

Free yourself through cultural immersion,

new soul friendships, writing and reflection, playfulness, Peruvian cooking classes, yoga, meditation, and memories for a lifetime… All activities are optional.

Dear, something magical happens when you walk away from your responsibilities. You enter a container of joy. You become alive in your body, align with your attractor field, and receive guidance for better serving the World.


This retreat is the most affordable international quest I can offer my students – with accessible payment plans to fit your needs.

For this year's Peru retreat, spaces are already filling up – so please apply soon if you feel called to. ❤️

· PAY IN FULL ($3,500)