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Spiritual Rainmaker: Abundance Manifestation Program 2024



Spiritual Rainmaker:

Rebirth Into Divine Prosperity 

New Earth Money Consciousness


 Available as INSTANT access now.  

It is your time to become a Spiritual Rainmaker! 


Embark on a liberating path that will not only redefine your relationship with money but will also empower you to connect with and activate the Law of Divine Supply in your life.

Imagine making great money doing what you LOVE, healing generational wounds of lack and scarcity, and transforming money from a source of fear and distortion into your most powerful ally.

For two decades, I've navigated the intense path of self-development and growth, from the scarcity-laden environment of the Soviet Union to building a thriving business in the USA with nothing but $3 and a dream. My journey is a testament to the power of mind mastery, reprogramming limiting beliefs, and the courage to follow one's dreams. Now, I'm here to share the Prosperity Laws and Abundance Principles that have been pivotal in my journey through "Spiritual Rainmaker."

This program is a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern manifestation techniques, combining the power of THOUGHT manifestation, VISIONING, and co-creation with the Quantum Field to unlock a life of abundance and prosperity.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll discover:

- Manifesting money out of thin air and activating the Law of Divine Supply.

- Encoding your reality with prosperity and downloading lucrative ideas.

- A three-step Money Manifestation Formula for consistent abundance.

- Transforming Money into Your Ally and mastering the Subconscious, Conscious, and Superconscious Laws of Success.

- Clearing Money Wounds and Imprints of Lack to become at ease with receiving money.

- Learning the most powerful Wealth mantra, clearing bad money karma, and embracing the language of prosperity.

- Reprogramming your DNA for success and stepping into the Money Manifesting Zone.

Your journey towards divine prosperity begins now. Join us, embrace your potential, and transform your relationship with money forever. It's your time to shine, to manifest, and to live the abundant life you were meant to.

Trust your inner YES. 



Transformational Results of the students from the last cohort: 

“I am back in flow…magnetizing amazing opportunities!”

“My retreat got filled with amazing clients.”

“I called in my Big Money Miracle”

“I feel aligned and deeply inspired to create.”

“I am grateful to remember the power of my mind again.”

“I feel so nourished on a soul level - ready to continue with new soul fire.”

“I feel liberated from perfectionism and ready to share my authentic truth with my online community.”







What People Are Saying:

“Words cannot describe how potent it is to work with Katerina Satori. Her online classes shift you. Her teaching magnetizes you. You will be forever changed if you show up to even the first module.”


"Katerina Satori in an Experience!!! Magical, Liberating, and Soul~Freeing! Katerina is THE upcoming Spiritual Leader to be watching! She is a woman with such deep integrity and commitment to herself and humanity. She genuinely walks her talk and stands in her Truth, giving us all permission to do the same and with courage and conviction!"

Lisa Rimas

"Katerina is a Master Teacher. Truly a gift from the Goddess.”

Michael Bright

"For anyone curious about the work of Katerina, I encourage you to swoop up the opportunity. Lots of guides and coaches on the planet and fewer that are actually sharing from wisdom that runs deep."

Stephen McGee, Leadership Advisor

"Katerina's genius radiates from her like the sun. She skillfully wields her intuition, weaving her wisdom and experience into her coaching with grace, patience, and laser accuracy. Any opportunity to learn from her is one not to be missed!"

Britta Green Violet

“Katerina is a soul catalyst who knows how to align your deepest truth with your highest dreams. She's a mentor, prosperity coach, and soul galactivator on a mission to uplift humanity to the next stage of our collective evolution.”

Jonathan Greye, Brand Strategist

“Katerina is a TRUE leader. She brings the highest level of mentorship, guidance, and transformational mastery to the world. She is the embodiment of Integrity, Love, and a Better Future for Humanity.”

Marci Lock, Sundari