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Frequency Shift 2023


Available as a SELF-STUDY course now 

Dear Friend, 

This is an Energy Mastery Workshop where you will: 

  • clear the energetics of your previous cycle 
  • set a new energetic point for your next chapter of life 
  • learn how to scan your energy body to see any blocks or negative attachments 
  • attune to a harmonious frequency at will and anytime 
  • begin living as an Impeccable Keeper of Frequency 
  • activate the law of Resonance in your life 
  • learn to magnetize what you desire by your frequency 



You will also receive access to on-demand courses as my gifts so you can start diving in right away with clearing if you wish 

This program is filled with channeled wisdom, healing rituals and activations, and generously structured course content. 

Trust your inner YES. 

Your Frequency Shift Is Here,
Katerina Satori

All these screenshots are from my students who went through the Frequency Shift: 





What People Are Saying:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me into your wonderful community and an even deeper thanks for letting me take and partake in your frequency shift course. The Divine timing of the course could not have been more perfect. I’m a little sad the course is over! I’ve had some life-changing experiences in the past, but this course has been the biggest blessing yet. Thank you for being you. It gives me so much hope and strength to help others and, most importantly, myself. These words can not compare to the gratitude and bliss you blessed upon me and the other students. Katerina, you are such an angel. God bless you. The most transformational, abundant, and prosperous course an individual could ever participate in. You can not put a price on the value this course and teachings provide. This course exceeded and surpassed all expectations. Katerina is the greatest teacher I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Everyone and anyone can learn something from Katerina. We all need to take a page from Katerina’s work and apply it to our own story. The world needs more thoughtful leaders and wisdom seekers. Thank you, Katerina, for sharing your light and wisdom. My life will never be the same again, and I am so grateful and know I am blessed. Love and blessings to you for reading this. I would pay double if not triple the asking price. Make the investment, and you won’t regret it.

MacDaniel Sullivan

"Katerina Satori in an Experience!!! Magical, Liberating and Soul~Freeing! Katerina is THE upcoming Spiritual Leader to be watching! She is a woman with such deep integrity and commitment to herself and humanity. She genuinely walks her talk and stands in her Truth, giving us all permission to do the same and with courage and conviction! I was recently guided to participate in Katerina’s 5-week virtual ceremony called Frequency Shift. Katerina created such a safe loving container, gently guiding us all every step of the way to deeper levels of awakening and healing with her sacred teachings and divinely channeled activations. The experience she created was truly breathtaking in every way. Truly Magical. Each person received exactly what their soul was ready to receive. I experienced profound emotional, financial and physical breakthroughs, birthed three new creative ideas for my business that I’d been working on for over 4 years and really feel like I’ve healed my past on a deeper level than ever before, and with so much love and compassion. I experienced outbursts of new creative energy in my business, auspicious opportunities of financial abundance, new levels of awareness in my spiritual journey, heightened intuition when serving my clients and increased clarity around WHO I desire to serve. YES!!!! I felt a beautiful opening up of my heart and new levels of compassion for myself and others, which all really helped me arrive to a place of experiencing deeper levels of self-love, trust, clarity, emotional freedom, faith, acceptance, presence and peace of mind. Katerina embodies ~ Love. Connection. Leadership. Creativity. Compassion. Generosity. Playfulness Commitment. Curiosity. Service. Resilience. Transformation. Courage. Divine Communication. Empowerment. Fun. Wisdom. Authenticity. Alignment. Truth. Beauty. Flow. Magic ✨ Miracles. Katerina is the embodiment of LOVE and LEADERSHIP in ACTION. Love to and for you! XO"

- LISA RIMAS, Author, Leadership Coach

“I was only on one live call, the rest of them I got to listen to the recordings, and WOW - each class was AMAZING. I want all the beings on this planet to benefit from the power of this course. Highly recommend it.”

MARCI LOCK - Transformation Leader, Mentor

“I loved so many things about Frequency Shift! I really loved the specific Clearings and what they targeted. Those parts of anyone’s life have a direct effect on our overall happiness and prosperity. These clearings were a catalyst to an amazing transformation in my life! I also really loved the format of this masterclass. There was a combination of teaching amazing concepts with practical tools that we can implement in our daily lives, and then there were the Clearings. Katerina did an incredible job at giving information for ALL levels whether you were a beginner or have already been on a spiritual path for years."

- ANNA DAVILA - Transformational Coach