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{On-Demand} Gene Keys Intensive

Replays of the live virtual intensive are available for purchase as a self-study course! 

Dear friend, 

it's Katerina here :) 

I am excited to share with you the entire intensive that you can access at the comfort of your home and at the ease of your schedule. 

Each intensive comes through in a unique, channeled way and the transmission is just as potent when you watch the recordings as if you were there live. 

What's Inside: 

  • a step-by-step deep dive into the whole system of the Gene Keys
  • video + audio classes
  • slide decks for each class 
  • workbook 


The Golden Path: 

Our map to our most authentic life, filled with harmony, prosperity, and meaning. What can be more important than finding your place in the Whole and offering your unique song to the UNI-verse as a flowering of your consciousness? Once you see, you cannot unsee. Your hologenetic profile that comes with the Gene Keys is a tool for clear seeing, compassionate relating, and for ignition of your true creative brilliance. 


3-Part Gene Keys Virtual Intensive 


Part 1 True Purpose: Activating the Essence of your Genius 

Part 2 True Love: Opening Your Heart Beyond Wounds & Journey to Wholeness

 Part 3 True Prosperity: Choosing Simplicity, Harmony, and Thriving Through Service 



Hi, I’m Katerina Satori, a modern feminine mystic and a Visionary Leadership Mentor for content creators, coaches, and CEOs. I’ve been working with the Gene Keys for several years now and completed a comprehensive training for the first 300 of the Gene Keys ambassadors in the world. It is my deep honor and privilege to share this wisdom with those souls that are ready to receive it.


You’re eager and excited to learn more about the:
If this is you, you’re invited to one of my Gene Keys Intensive Workshops. 
Now, it is available GLOBALLY + VIRTUALLY. 
"For anyone that is curious about the work of Katerina, I encourage you to swoop up the opportunity. Lots of guides and coaches on the planet and fewer that are actually sharing from wisdom that runs deep." 
- Stephen McGhee, Leadership Expert & Advisor 
Next Steps: 
You will receive the Welcome Email immediately once you enroll and receive your unique logins to access the member's area where you will find the course. 
Trust your Inner Yes, 
Katerina Satori. 

What People Are Saying:

"I am beyond inspired after Gene Kyes intensive with Katerina. I witnessed creative mastery and brilliance at work. Bravo."

Tim Paschke

I had an absolutely stunning experience at the Gene Keys workshop with powerhouse vessel of wisdom Katerina Satori. Such an honor to share sacred space and deep presence with integral soul family/leaders living and emanating their Dharmic purpose! 🌹🙏."

Solara Sophia Rose

"It’s so enjoyable to learn from you, Katerina. Your wisdom, lightness, humility, heart, attunement, sweetness makes it such that hours fly by 💖✨We are so happy the pearl line has appeared in your life."

Victoria Song

"Thank you Katerina Satori! Some teach as it is their occupation. Others teach as it is their gift. You are obviously the latter! Such a very gifted teacher you are! All my love and gratitude to you and to all that gather and made our day so special ♥️"

Carlie Cruz

"Such an amazing experience with a ton of downloads. You generously shared and taught us so much yesterday. Super grateful for your transmissions. 😘🤗💛"

Dawn Elle Davis

"I am 57 years old and have not found another system to compare to this and believe me when I tell you that I am a seminar junkie! This is my individual chart pulled uniquely for my earthly calling! So much goodness and gratitude for being involved in the first intensive workshop! Amazing! The deeper I go the deeper I want to dive! Letting heart blossom for each new awakening and giggling for how well it resonates! It takes curiosity, open-mindedness, and patience for sure! Being in the presence of Katerina for this work is an honor! My desire is to roll this to my family NOW! The cool thing about that is, my husband attended as well so we are talking gene keys language to our kids so now I get to watch as they open up their gifts as well, and guess what? So far two are 6/2 with me!! Thank you, Katerina! 💕💕✨✨"

Michele Sweeten

"The Gene Keys workshop Katerina led gracefully was so eye-opening and transformative. Deep-diving (snorkeling gear and all! LOL ;-) into a map of my inner world and seeing my patterns, shadows, gifts, and siddhi especially in the Venus Sequence was so fascinating as they're all on point. Now I'm aware of specifically what I need to transcend and transmute so that I can unlock my highest potential. I am so grateful. Thank you."

Cheryl Pierce

"Katerina is so masterful at her teachings and how she guided us to our own discoveries and embodiment of our uniqueness, purpose, and confidence with the help of the Gene Keys! She models and cultivates a courageous attitude of trust toward life, which is contagious! Everything around her is beautiful as she skillfully moves through the deep and quite emotional topics with wisdom and grace. I am thankful for having chosen to fly all the way from Europe to attend this 2 day intensive and I consider myself very lucky to have attended these teachings together with my partner and also my young adult daughter."

Klara Fischerova