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Gene Keys Consultation

It is a very special experience to dive into deep wisdom such as Gene Keys. 

This transmission changed my life and brought illumination to my entire being. 

I love sharing these teachings with those who are ready to receive them. 


Three sequences represent your inner voyage to Awakening, listed below: 

Prime Activation Sequence: Discovering Your Genius
Prime Gifts Activation Sequence:

  • Your Life’s Work
  • Your Evolution
  • Your Radiance
  • Your Higher Purpose

Venus Sequence: Opening Your Heart Into Connectedness

Venus Sequence
The Journey from Separation to Wholeness:

  • Your Quest for Meaning
  • Your Attractor Field
  • Your Flowering in the Field of Intimacy

Pearl Sequence: Releasing Your Prosperity In Authentic Contribution
Journey To Sacred Business Practice:

  • Your Unique Talents
  • Your True Calling
  • Your Power In A Community

If you feel drawn to experience the Gene Keys with a reading from me, 

It would be so wonderful to share them with you!


  1. Session via Zoom video conference. 
  2. Both video and audio replays of the session will be emailed to you. 
  3. The length of this session is 90 minutes / you can have it live over Zoom or pre-recorded for you

What's Next: 

Once you book your session, my assistant will reach out to you via email with my earliest availability day, and then we'll rock your session :)  

What People Are Saying:

As a person who is dedicated to serving others, I must keep my cup overflowing with deep wisdom, profound questions, and inspiring reflections; Katerina’s readings provide me with this and much, much more. Working with Katerina provided me with a deeper understanding of my soul’s journey, what I need to let go of, what I need to embrace, and my reason for being. If you need a mentor who guides with wisdom, love, and grace then you have found the perfect space with Katerina and her team. 

Ryan Blair, Entrepreneur, NY Best Selling Author

A few days ago I had a powerful @genekeys session with @katerinasatori ♥️ If you have not had a session with her yet I highly recommend it. She always illuminates so many new aspects in the gene keys charts every time I choose to dive deeper with her. Some of my biggest takeaways from the session were: ✨ Its time to be still and listen to my high self to gain clarity ✨ Contemplate what is alive for me right now ✨ Connect deeper with my community by live streaming more ✨ A powerful reminder that my mess is my message ✨ Take imperfect action ✨ My magnetism is amplified when I share from my heart even when I think my feelings are too intense to bare Healing the wound of shame and stepping into my modern mystic archetype is my journey right now Thank you beloved Katerina ♥️ I am still integrating all the beauty that was uncovered in our session together. Thank you for being such a powerful ally in my life. I love you ♥️


My heart has officially been cracked wide open by my session with Katerina and the wisdom of the Gene Keys. While I listened in awe during my reading with Katerina, I was still in that place in-between worlds—not knowing which direction to turn. I was new to the wisdom of the Gene Keys and when Katerina described my profile I couldn’t believe its accuracy! After the reading, I wasn’t quite sure how to fit this new system of knowledge into my life and so, with trust in my heart, I remained patient. Several weeks after my reading, the Gene Keys began calling me, one at a time. I soon learned why they are referred to as ‘Living Wisdom.’ The Gene Keys have since cracked my heart wide open in full remembrance of my near-death experience and the universal wisdom I am meant to embody and share with those willing to hear. Thank you Katerina for entering my life at such a transformational moment and igniting me back into my soul alignment and highest frequency of my heart. Cherie Aimée Near-Death Survivor Transformational Leader http://www.cherieaimee.com

Cherie Aimée

"I am beyond pleased with my Gene Keys assessment from Katerina. Not only did it illuminate so many useful things about me that are integral to the success of my relationships and business, but it clarified a lot of incongruencies about who I am and how I operate that have allowed me to understand myself better and take about a dozen things off the 'to be fixed' list..! The information in my assessment was so useful that I've printed, sectioned, highlighted and memorized parts of it to be used in the re-brand of my business; I'm now able to create revenue streams that align with my authentic self and allow me to operate from flow, rather than stress and strategy alone. !00% worth the investment - I recommend Katerina unreservedly."

Sarah Reilly, Mentor

"My one on one session on Gene Keys with Katerina was truly revelatory for me in every way. For anyone that is reading this and curious about the work of Katerina, I encourage you to swoop up the opportunity. Lots of guides and coaches on the planet and fewer that are actually sharing from wisdom that runs deep. In Joy and celebrate the day"

Stephen McGhee, Leadership Expert

"I found my gene key consultation deeply resonating. Katerina has a talent for using a story and metaphor to illuminate each specific gene key in a really relatable way. I have been contemplating ever since and new wisdom continues to emerge. It both gave me confirmation and a deeper level of understanding for what I experience, as well as opening my heart, mind, and body to new possibilities. Thank you, Katerina, for the gift of your presence, openness, and wisdom. If you are someone who is feeling drawn to the gene keys and to the beautiful frequency that Katerina holds, I would absolutely recommend this experience."

Sarah Hart, Journey To Authenticity