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Lemurian Healing

You are invited to enjoy the recording of this live healing transmission. 

Lemuria was an ancient civilization, seeded by the Pleiadian Star Mothers. 

This experience includes: 

  • A brief transmission on the history of Lemuria 
  • Why Old Souls are feeling drawn to Lemurian Codes 
  • How does spiritual healing work? 
  • Connecting to the Goddess Grid & Sophia-Gaia Codes of Light 
  • Astral traveling to the etheric Lemurian Temple of Rejuvenation 
  • Meeting your Angelic Guides and Lemurian Healers 
  • Releasing emotional pain, energy blocks around the heart, and clearing the heart chakra 
  • Anchoring Divine Feminine codes 

The benefits: 

  • Connecting to your multidimensional self 
  • Coming to neuro-coherence 
  • Becoming more balanced and centered 
  • Becoming more compassionate and patient 
  • Growing in embodied wisdom 
  • Deepening your intuitive abilities 
  • Learning to communicate telepathically 
  • Feeling oneness with all things 


About Lemurian Healing and Divine Feminine Activation 


Lemurian Healing is an ancient wisdom pathway to reclaiming your wholeness. A return to a life of harmony, ecstasy, and embodied bliss. The Akashic Records hold exquisite memories of the original Garden of Eden, Lemuria, where the first Root Race lived in unity. Sharing emotional awareness it was impossible to ever harm another as it was felt intuitively by every member of the society, that there was no other. Nature was just intimate to them as their heartbeat. Everything contained spiritual essence. The original people walked the Path of Beauty, creating art, cultivating first gardens, and adoring their Mother - Earth. 


This was the original Divine Feminine. As the realm of consciousness. 

“Divine Feminine is not a gender. It is a realm of consciousness.” 

  • Anabel, Womb Shamanism Mentor 


Divine Feminine Realm is

  • Beauty
  • Fertility
  • Resourcefulness
  • Flow
  • Elegance 
  • Creativity 
  • Joy 
  • Expansion 
  • Patience
  • Wisdom
  • Trust 
  • Healing
  • Receptivity

And also: 

  • Death and Rebirth 
  • Not knowing
  • Surrender
  • Letting Go 


With devotion, 

Katerina Satori. 

Seer - Mystic - Wisdom Channel 

What People Are Saying:

Thank you Katerina Satori you are the ultimate guide!

Klara Fischerova

Words cannot describe how potent it is to work with Katerina Satori. Her online classes shift you. Her teaching magnetizes you. You will be forever changed if you show up to even the first module.


Katerina is a soul catalyst who knows how to align your deepest truth with your highest dreams. She's a mentor, prosperity coach, and soul galactivator on a mission to uplift humanity to the next stage of our collective evolution.

Jonathan Greye

I was only on one live call, the rest of them I got to listen to the recordings, and WOW - each class was AMAZING. I want all the beings on this planet to benefit from the power of this course. Highly recommend it.

Marci Lock

I loved so many things about Frequency Shift! I really loved the specific Clearings and what they targeted. Those parts of anyone’s life have a direct effect on our overall happiness and prosperity. These clearings were a catalyst to an amazing transformation in my life! I also really loved the format of this masterclass. There was a combination of teaching amazing concepts with practical tools that we can implement in our daily lives, and then there were the Clearings. Katerina did an incredible job at giving information for ALL levels whether you were a beginner or have already been on a spiritual path for years.

Anna Davila

The Ascended Masters course has been the most enlightening and mind-expanding I’ve ever attended, and I am so looking forward to learning and implementing more knowledge from Katerina. The course has helped me understand more fully my calling, and knowing that I am supported by the Ascended Masters is very empowering.

Kevin Humphrey

The Ascended Master course came to me like the last piece of the puzzle I needed to fully connect to my life purpose and the guides that have been helping me along. In just a few classes I’ve had some major breakthroughs with my business, the direction it will be headed AND a deeper understanding of guides that I felt more uneasy about connecting with because of previous religious programming. Katerina teaches without bias to any dogma or religious undertones… She teaches from the heart. It is with this new connection that I welcome the next, heart centered, phase of my life.

Holly Holfeltz

Since taking the Ascended Masters program, I have been reignited to step fully into my role - my assignment - as a healer. It has provided me with tools and opportunities to expand not just my consciousness but the consciousness of those whom I work with. The time, details and dedication taken to create this program is outstanding and thorough. All questions answered - Big shifts occur -and it feels like home.

Tiffany Rush

This course is so UNIQUE and nobody else teaches this powerful knowledge. The way Katerina teaches is incredible. I think that so often people want to teach you: here's this marketing funnel or here's this way of doing things and what people really need is learning how to trust themselves, how to get out of your own way, and how to stop being afraid. I appreciate what Katerina brought as a teacher and as a facilitator - truly life changing.

Nicole McNeil

What a deep honor to journey with this powerful group!! Wow! Katerina you were chosen to channel some incredibly potent life changing wisdom in the Sovereign Mind. Thank you for your devotion to humanity, your incredible gifts as a teacher, healer and guide...and for making it look so effortless to carry through an assignment from Spirit. You have no idea how inspired I am by you!! Awe Inspired! Thank you ~ Thank you until Eternity! Life changing class!!!

Lisa Rimas

What an honor to be among the first graduates of the Sovereign Mind program. You are truly a gift to the world dear Katerina Satori. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us.

Sahar Nafar

Katerina Satori in an Experience!!! Magical, Liberating and Soul~Freeing! Katerina is THE upcoming Spiritual Leader to be watching! She is a woman with such deep integrity and commitment to herself and humanity. She genuinely walks her talk and stands in her Truth, giving us all permission to do the same and with courage and conviction! I was recently guided to participate in Katerina’s 5-week virtual ceremony called Frequency Shift. Katerina created such a safe loving container, gently guiding us all every step of the way to deeper levels of awakening and healing with her sacred teachings and divinely channeled activations. The experience she created was truly breathtaking in every way. Truly Magical. Each person received exactly what their soul was ready to receive. I experienced profound emotional, financial and physical breakthroughs, birthed three new creative ideas for my business that I’d been working on for over 4 years and really feel like I’ve healed my past on a deeper level than ever before, and with so much love and compassion. I experienced outbursts of new creative energy in my business, auspicious opportunities of financial abundance, new levels of awareness in my spiritual journey, heightened intuition when serving my clients and increased clarity around WHO I desire to serve. YES!!!! I felt a beautiful opening up of my heart and new levels of compassion for myself and others, which all really helped me arrive to a place of experiencing deeper levels of self-love, trust, clarity, emotional freedom, faith, acceptance, presence and peace of mind. Katerina embodies ~ Love. Connection. Leadership. Creativity. Compassion. Generosity. Playfulness Commitment. Curiosity. Service. Resilience. Transformation. Courage. Divine Communication. Empowerment. Fun. Wisdom. Authenticity. Alignment. Truth. Beauty. Flow. Magic ✨ Miracles. Katerina is the embodiment of LOVE and LEADERSHIP in ACTION. Love to and for you! XO

Lisa Rimas

Since the class I've been in a very calm state of mind. Things that would normally stress me out, don't. I have a hard time explaining the sense of peace and quietness I'm feeling. Thoughts are not consuming my brain like before. I have a newfound trust with life. I love Katerina’s soft, caring energy. She is so knowledgeable and somehow words things in a manner that stick for me.

Mandelyn Moses

Katerina is a Master walking this earth. A ‘Descended’ Master if you will. She speaks and resonates DEEP truth. Her work penetrates generationally. If you are ready to do the deep inner work, I give her my highest, deepest and most sincere recommendation.

Brady Goddard