$222.00 USD


Camera Confidence For Conscious Entrepreneurs Online Masterclass

 Instant Access Masterclass {a replay of a live virtual experience} 

Three hours of inspiring content with practical steps based on my own experience of delivering hundreds of videos. 

If you are ready to reignite your passion for speaking on camera consistently and use video marketing to deliver your heart-centered service, then you will benefit greatly from this class. 

Class Outline: 


Part 1 Visibility is Leadership

- How to lead through inspiration, authenticity, and service

- How to use video to build, grow, and deepen trust with your audience

- How do you align your core life’s values to being masterful on a video

- How to overcome any procrastination, fear of being seen, and fear of rejection

- How do you use powerful questions to get yourself into action vs. being stuck in analysis paralysis


Part 2: How To Let Go And Allow Your Channel To Open

- Three Ways To Open any video or a live stream

- How to prepare your energy to transfer your essence via the camera

- How to use intentions, grounding, and visualization to create impactful videos

- How to never be boring and keep your viewers on their toes

- Step By Step Video Channeling Process by Katerina


Part 3 Message Themes

- Three Levels of Messaging that brings new clients into your business

- How to make effortless transitions from content to invitation to work with you

- How to never run out of ideas of what to talk about

- How to create a genuine connection with your community and deepen it


Trust your inner Yes, 

Katerina Satori