$55.00 USD

Healing The Mother Wound

You are invited to receive a unique spiritual healing experience that is focused on your relationship with your mother. 

Our mother is our first love and also our first wound. Whether our mother was distant and emotionally immature, or overbearing and controlling, we absorbed her traits, both positive and negative, as well as her primary fears that she experienced while carrying us in the womb. 

Healing comes from expanding our understanding of the Sacred Soul Contract that we have with our mother; healing our relational cord with her; and extending forgiveness and compassion to ourselves and to her. 

Please reserve 2 hours for this masterclass will be a mix of transmission, writing prompts to identify unconscious patterns and wounds, and the healing ritual itself. 

A replay will be available within 24 hours after a live class and posted in the member area for you to replay anytime you desire. 

Trust your inner yes!


Katerina Satori 

Seer - Mystical Mentor - Wisdom Channel