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Sovereign Mind 2023

Thank you for trusting your inner YES!

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Master your Mind and you will master your Life. 

Live Virtual Group Mentorship: 

June 22 - July 27, 2023

Classes are held on Thursdays from 11 am PST to 1 pm PST. 

Replays of each session are uploaded into the member's area within 24 hours. 

I am excited to welcome you! 

With devotion, 


Creator of the Sovereign Mind™


What People Are Saying:

This course is so UNIQUE and nobody else teaches this powerful knowledge. The way Katerina teaches is incredible. I think that so often people want to teach you: here's this marketing funnel or here's this way of doing things and what people really need is learning how to trust themselves, how to get out of your own way, and how to stop being afraid. I appreciate what Katerina brought as a teacher and as a facilitator - truly life changing.

Nicole McNeil

Thank you Katerina Satori you are the ultimate guide!

Klara Fischerova

What an honor to be among the first graduates of the Sovereign Mind program. You are truly a gift to the world dear Katerina Satori. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us.

Sahar Nafar

“Katerina is a TRUE leader. She brings the highest level of mentorship, guidance, and transformational mastery to the world. She is the embodiment of Integrity, Love, and a Better Future for Humanity.”

Marci Lock, Sundari

“Katerina is a soul catalyst who knows how to align your deepest truth with your highest dreams. She's a mentor, prosperity coach, and soul galactivator on a mission to uplift humanity to the next stage of our collective evolution.”

Jonathan Greye, Brand Strategist

"Katerina's genius radiates from her like the sun. She skillfully wields her intuition, weaving her wisdom and experience into her coaching with grace, patience, and laser accuracy. Any opportunity to learn from her is one not to be missed!"

Britta Green Violet

"For anyone curious about the work of Katerina, I encourage you to swoop up the opportunity. Lots of guides and coaches on the planet and fewer that are actually sharing from wisdom that runs deep."

Stephen McGee, Leadership Advisor

"Katerina is a Master Teacher. Truly a gift from the Goddess.”

Michael Bright

What a deep honor to journey with this powerful group!! Wow! Katerina you were chosen to channel some incredibly potent life changing wisdom in the Sovereign Mind. Thank you for your devotion to humanity, your incredible gifts as a teacher, healer and guide...and for making it look so effortless to carry through an assignment from Spirit. You have no idea how inspired I am by you!! Awe Inspired! Thank you ~ Thank you until Eternity! Life changing class!!!

Lisa Rimas

“Words cannot describe how potent it is to work with Katerina Satori. Her online classes shift you. Her teaching magnetizes you. You will be forever changed if you show up to even the first module.”