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Frequency Shift

What People Are Saying:

What I appreciate the most about Katerina is how she genuinely cares about her clients and her devotion to the practice. She made me and everyone feels supported and loved. She was able to explain things in a such an incredible way that not only were we getting knowledge but we were having fun while doing so. She answered every question and provided so many amazing resources. During every moment of the class, you can feel the love and devotion Katerina has. Your energy shifts just by listening to her.

Anna Davila, Transformational Coach

I have been hiding my spiritual side for some time - yet my gifts have been there for so long and I tried to push them away. I would put on my lawyer persona and then remove it when I walked into my home and sit and pray to my angels and work with my chakras! I was only comfortable to share my full self on things like yoga retreats where I thought and felt more safe. Katerina has modeled how it is possible to be professional, successful, abundant and highly spiritual at the same time. The work with ascended masters was new to me and I loved it - too many insights to mention! From the artwork I have been compelled to buy, the way I layout my home to my relationship with money and abundance. This course has changed my life in many ways.

Michelle Stevenson, Lawyer

Katerina is a soul catalyst who knows how to align your deepest truth with your highest dreams. She's a mentor, prosperity coach, and soul galactivator on a mission uplift humanity to the next stage of our collective evolution.My wife is a spiritual teacher but I prefer not to have my wife be my spiritual teacher as well as my lover. I wanted to work with someone advanced in metaphysical concepts who is also firmly rooted in our physical reality. I knew the content Katerina was going to share would deliver on both these concepts. Not only do did she share ancient wisdom, she also shared how to apply it in our everyday life.

Jonathan Greye, Creative Visionary and Branding Expert

Frequency Shift was a brilliant, powerful "chiropractic adjustment" for the soul. I loved the process, the community, the pre-work, and the gentle VIGOR Katerina brought to it. I also loved the invocation of ascended masters. What a priceless, transformational experience!! :)

Oliver Wade, Copywriter & Business Coach for SOULpreneurs

My “inner yes” to journey with Katerina has been such an incredible blessing! She’s such a gorgeous soul. Her sacred wisdom teachings are divinely expressed with an entirely new and simple perspective. And she can truly “hold space” for her students as the TOP spiritual leaders in the world do! Katerina embodies ~ Love. Connection. Leadership. Creativity. Compassion. Generosity. Playfulness Commitment. Curiosity. Service. Resilience. Transformation. Courage. Divine Communication. Empowerment. Fun. Wisdom. Authenticity. Alignment. Truth. Beauty. Flow. Magic ✨ Miracles.

Lisa Rimas, Energy Empowerment Coach