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Codify Your Wisdom: Fall Cohort 2023 12 payments



Enrollment for the Fall Cohort 2023 is open! 

🌟 Welcome to Codify Your Wisdom Program: Unlock Your Spiritual Entrepreneurship Journey with Me! 🌟

Hello, beautiful soul! I am thrilled to invite you to embark on a transformative journey with me in the Codify Your Wisdom Program. Together, we will unlock the secrets to monetizing your spiritual gifts and creating a life of abundance and purpose. Are you ready to step into your power and join me on this incredible adventure? Let's dive in!

💫 What is the Codify Your Wisdom Program? 💫

The Codify Your Wisdom Program is a sacred space where we will embark on an enlightening journey to transform your spiritual gifts into a thriving online business. As your facilitator, I will share the wisdom and insights I have gained on my own path as a successful spiritual entrepreneur. This program will help you codify your unique wisdom and create an online presence that magnetically attracts your soul-aligned clients.



What's Included: 

  • A sacred growth space on Zoom video with lessons on how to quickly scale your impact online
  •  Seven deep dive content modules to take you from mystic coach to thriving Thought Leader with your own “ready to launch” curriculum
  •  Live group teaching from Katerina Satori every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific – alternating between Live Coaching with Q&A and Implementation Sessions.
  •  Bonus opportunities for hot seats to learn game-changing business skills from Katerina
  •  One additional deep-dive masterclass on exactly how to launch your program using webinars and social selling
  •  A dedicated private online group of kindred spirits will also be provided to grow confidence with you. 

Trust your inner YES, 

Katerina Satori 


What People Are Saying:

Katerina's mentorship— via the Codify Your Wisdom program— is the most potent investment I’ve made in the realm of business mentorship. Katerina has ignited my Soul’s galactic mission. Sounds powerful, right? It is. In the course of a few months I have crystallized & codified a course that has been swirling in my creative mind for years. Last Fall I knew it was time to give form to my course, and Codify appeared in synchronous fashion to assist me in the process. Katerina is a business doula, supporting you in birthing your wisdom & ideas into a tangible offering. She weaves practical business knowledge and esoteric wisdom with grace & fluidity. Her genius— her magic— is in this integration of structure & Soul. Codify Your Wisdom offers concrete skills & templates for crafting an offer that your students will receive as high-caliber via the delivery structure, while maintaining the potency of your embodied wisdom. Katerina is a rooted guide for humans who like to play in the different planes, from earth to astral. She shape shifts with ease through her archetypal repertoire to reveal the medicine & message you need to receive. Katerina inspires her students to shine bright and share their essence with the world. She invites you to create from a space of higher service, which blesses your process because your mission is for the greater good. She maintains a pulse on your path, and cheerleads you on as you step deeper into your voice & visibility. The momentum & freedom I’ve tapped into during this course feels rich & expansive. Katerina embodies integrity & mastery of her craft, with a commitment to teach only that which she has played with deeply in her own life & work. There is no wobble in her transmission, only congruence in sharing the codes she has acquired at this point in her own journey. I am eternally grateful to the gifts I received during my time with Katerina, and am leaving her course with full-body joy that my first group course will be arriving to the world within the month. If you’ve felt that whisper within you that your wisdom needs to be shared with the world, but haven’t quite figured out the ins-and-outs of course creation or social media marketing, then Codify Your Wisdom is calling you to say yes to you & your purpose. With love, Rebecca Rose// Conscious Parenting Coach// codified wisdom: Embodied Parenting

Rebecca Rose// Conscious Parenting Coach// codified wisdom: Embodied Parenting

The work done with Katerina Satori in the program Codify your Wisdom has been for me an alchemical process, in which I went through a period of endless preparation to "be ready", of giving without often receiving, of "playing small", of not showing myself to a stage of recognition of my being, of my wisdom, of surrender and expansion. It has been a beautiful process, where Katerina took us by the hand, from how to connect with the messages that our heart wants to deliver to the world, to how to deliver it in an effective way, that causes impact on the people who receive our services and on our professional, spiritual and economic growth. Katerina is a wise, loving and very generous woman, who openly shares what has served her on her path and she constantly adds new resources and materials which enrich our process. She is respectful of the rhythms of each of her students, but with her ability to "see beyond the obvious", she urges us to challenge our own limits and to bring out the gold from within. Katerina is always attentive to personally help us at every stage of our process of creation, promotion and delivery of our products and also during the Q&A periods, she deeply answers each of the questions of the participants, without time limit. This means that although it is a group program, we all have a very personalized attention. I am sure that their energy attracts great people, so our group group is made up of beautiful souls, with great gifts to share and who genuinely support the process of each of their companions. For me, this program has been a divine gift from the Great Mother, to be able to fulfill, in the best way, my call to her service. Definitely Katerina has been a great blessing in my life If your heart wants to share your gifts with the world, fulfill your part in the evolutionary process of humanity and at the same time, receive the economic benefit that allows you to fulfill your dreams and live in freedom and sovereignty, definitely, this program is for you.

Rebeca, Spiritual Teacher, Costa Rica

Codify Your Wisdom is a wildly valuable program that has been thoughtfully and generously curated by Katerina Satori. This entire experience has been an absolute game changer in my mindset, capacity, and desires of what I thought was possible for me, and my business. It has challenged my limiting beliefs and stoked the fires within me to brilliantly, professionally, and ethically share my wisdom and my souls mission with the world. Among other things, Codify lays before you the pillars, framework, and principles needed to amplify your unique voice. As well as the energetics, archetypes, and spiritual understandings needed to become a true Thought Leader and to get your work out into the world. Katerina is absolutely delightful, approachable, engaged, and very very generous with her wisdom and expertise. She is an embodied mentor, and truly a pure light in the spiritual and business community. We are blessed to have her leadership. I have definitely, beyond a doubt invested properly in my expansion. This program and process was worth its weight in gold.

Jamie McIntosh Holistic Coach & Healer Collective Energy Center & Space to Shine

The word IMPACTFUL comes to mind as I think of how the Codify Your Wisdom program has been for me and how this has shifted my whole business trajectory for the better! 
My goal was to learn how to bring and share my Soul-led business and gifts online and build community. Katerina and Codify has far exceeded any expectations I had. 
With Katerina’s AMAZING gifted ability and high vibrational energy coupled with her tried and tested strategies (that work), you can only but receive a life-changing result! 
I felt 100% supported throughout the program, being held in a container by Katerina with a group of like-minded souls and entrepreneurs was moving, motivating and simply magical. 
If you want to bring your business and gifts to light and share them with the world (and get a good return $), I highly recommend Codify Your Wisdom to be your vessel. It’s like no other! 
I am forever grateful to Katerina for sharing her mastery and gifts with us, priceless!

Kerry / Inner Harmony
Holistic Wellness Facilitator & Soul-led Entrepreneur  

I joined Codify Your Wisdom because it promised to be “a program for leaders, online teachers, energy healers, and coaches who desire to scale their impact and revenue”. It delivered that for me, my revenue hit a new record, I learned tips to make my process smoother, and more efficient, I met other awesome leaders and saw a shift in my own mindset to that of a Thought Leader, in my area of expertise. If you have not experienced it yet, let me enlighten you, being in Katerina’s aura does something for you, it lifts you into the most courageous version of you, you get things accomplished that you would never have dreamed of, and she delivers her wisdom with poise, ease and grace, she is encouraging and loves to set you challenges & assignments that will stretch you into that version of you that delivers and thrives. I highly recommend this amazing lady and the curriculum.

Kev, English Mystic /Entrepreneur | Reiki Master | Shamanic Healer & Teacher