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Mastermind 2023/ 6 months

This 12-month business and leadership program is for the creative visionary who feels called to reach their highest level of sovereignty and impact ever – in their work and their lives.

We are a soul panel of conscious leaders, wisdom teachers, and coaches who sense their deepest legacy is ripe in the quantum field & ready for co-creation with the universe.

Our sacred circle is devoted to scaling our wisdom to unleash more joy and freedom in our lifestyles while impacting our world exponentially.

2023 Mastermind Topics Schedule: 

January: Next Level Vision / 2-day event 

February: Codify Your Wisdom Training

March: Profitable Online Launch Strategies 

April: Camera Confidence & Conversion

May: 5-figure VIP days 

June: Double Your Audience & Influence

July: 5-Figure Webinar Blueprint

August: Sabbatical 

September: The Art of Guidance & 6-Figure Proposals 

October: Building Passive Income

November: 6-Figure Retreat Blueprint

December: Marketing/Holiday Promotions

p.s. schedule is tentative and may be subject to change in the order of service to the highest needs of the group 

Visionary Mastermind Deliverables: 

Codify Your Wisdom: $3,500 Value 

1-on-1 Deep Dive w. Katerina: $2,500 Value

Online Launches Strategies: $5,000 Value 

Camera Confidence & Conversion: $5,000 Value

5-Figure Webinars: $5,000 Value 

Passive Income Funnel: $2,500 Value 

6-Figure Retreat Blueprint: $5,000 Value 

6-Figure Proposals: $5,000 Value 


Total Value: $33,500


Enroll in the Mastermind before January 2023 at: