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5D Business In 3 D World Workshop

What is 5D consciousness?

 As 5D humans, we live from our heart's wisdom, from Unity Consciousness, unconditional love, and unbridled creativity.

Imagine anchoring your BUSINESS in 5D Consciousness? 
Transcend all 3D old paradigms of scarcity, completion, and obsessive striving. 
Step into the beauty and freedom of creating from your Higher Self. 
Your business is an extension of your consciousness. 
Join this live business transmission and online workshop ~
Presented by Katerina Satori. 
CEO of KS International.
Visionary Leadership Mentor. 
Seer. Wisdom Channel. 

What People Are Saying:

With 5 & a half years of full-time coaching under my belt, I found myself at a crossroads wondering what do I desire and feel inspired to do next? Well, it’s been less than 24 hours since I attended Katerina’s Workshop, and I’ve already channeled a new creation that will be birthed in a few months that feels inspiring and deeply aligned. I’ve already created my new program name and even designed the graphic because I am THAT inspired! I went into Katerina’s Workshop looking to access deeper clarity of my vision, insight, and inspiration and that is what I got! Thank you Katerina!

Christine Nicole

Katerina’s 5D Business in a 3D world was a breakthrough experience for me that I’m so grateful I invested in! The 3 hours were filled with deep insights, practical guidance for implementation and spaciousness to allow the inner truths to surface within my unique DNA. Katerina leads with both grace and authenticity and teaches in a way that inspires and touches the deepest layers of soul. What a great opportunity this experience was to engage with Katerina and her amazing community and feel further into which of her programs and masterminds will best support my specific needs. On its own, highly valuable, and as a tool of discernment before taking a bigger leap, invaluable! How generous she is to offer all these layers and levels of immersion! Thank you, Katerina!!


Katerina's genius radiates from her like the sun. She skillfully wields her intuition, weaving her wisdom and experience into her coaching with grace, patience, and laser accuracy. She is one of a kind, unforgettable, a precious gem, and an ever-reliable source of inspiration. Any opportunity to learn from her is one not to be missed!


I see Katerina as a Spiritual and Business Mastery Doula. With steadfast, gentle firmness she ushered me through even the most wracking attacks of birthing me into a time of true financial sovereignty. Finally equipped with the sales skills to match the kind of clientele I had been longing to call in, this Journey with Katerina has given me the experiences to solidify and validate the badass I knew I was capable of being. Katerina has such an incredibly light and tinkling crystalline energy field. It is the quality of this that permeates the work, thankfully interspersed with smiles and laughter, which are much needed along the path.

Dr. Alex Pardhy M.D.

Katerina's business programs helped me expand my business from a heart-centered place! I highly recommend her work.


Katerina is masterful in translating business topics into timeless principles and feminine language, which make it compressible to the people who lead with their hearts. Her commitment and way of putting you at ease around the topics that can otherwise feel constricting, restricting, or overwhelming; such as online marketing, virtual coaching, scaling, competition, enrollment, and pricing, just to name a few. Katerina shares her secret "know-how" in how she creates her own economy despite collective crises. I would take her programs again and then again a few more times :-)

Klara Fischerova