What 'No' Has Taught Me. {Modeling Chronicles}.

Jul 30, 2022

2010 was the year I began my exit from the modeling industry.


I started as a bikini and fitness model late, at the age of 27, right after a difficult divorce that left my self-esteem in shambles.


When a modeling opportunity rushed into my life and just after taking my very first professional photos, I was standing on the competition stage in front of hundreds of people, I knew it was part of my destiny unfolding.


I didn’t even know how to do the quarter turns in front of the judges.


My competition suit was from Target, that cost around $30, my shoes didn’t match and I was hoping it wouldn’t be noticeable from the stage.


I didn’t feel I fit in with other girls who’ve been modeling for years.


Nonetheless, life has taught me to never let insecurities prevent me from being courageous.


The way to get my self-esteem out of post-divorce shambles was to BELIEVE in myself again and to say yes to the next chapter even if I didn’t feel ready for it.


I realized that feeling ready is often a story we tell ourselves. 


Our next big life opportunity comes to our door and we say, “Oh no! Not now...I don't have my ducks in a row. I am not readddddy...”


And Life says, nope.


"This is your only chance. Take it as it is or I’ll offer it to another, more courageous heart!"


Fast forward a few years.


Modeling has taught me so much.







Little did I know that it was preparing me for my next chapter: entrepreneurship.


In no other industry, I’ve heard 'NO' so much.


No, you are the wrong size.


No, your nose has a scar on it and we don’t want to bother covering it up.


No, your portfolio is weak.


And ...it’s in the LAND Of NO’s, I’ve found my YES’s.


I just kept walking with my head held high and trusting that yesss’s will come too, my job is to train and be ready for that YES.


(my very first professional portrait by Berry Druxman, 2008). 


And YES’s came and a lot of them...


And the next few years, I’ve traveled the world for many different amazing modeling gigs.


I could have labeled those NO’s as rejection and began comparing myself to other girls, giving up on the entire industry.


Instead, what looked like rejection was the training ground for my chapter of entrepreneurship;


The training in determination, resilience, grit, audacity, and courage.


Then came a moment when I knew I was done with modeling. 

I was bored. I longed to use my mind and not just physical looks. I was ready for the next chapter.

Back then I had no idea of what it would take of me to earn the right to call myself an entrepreneur.

I knew I was willing to walk through the land of NOs as much as needed to eventually find my YES.


What I know for sure:


No one owes us anything.






What a freedom to know: 


It is always up to us to exercise our courage or to shrink into fear.


Choose courage.


We can do that. 


Life will rarely bring us big opportunities twice.


Our job is to be disciplined every day to be ready.


This is what I believe in.


A lifelong commitment to mastery, courage, and audacity to hear NO’s on your way to YES.


Katerina Satori. 


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