Three Keys to Prosperity In Uncertain Times

Dec 20, 2022

2020 brought so many of us to a choice point. 

A choice to drop half-heartedness, an amateur approach to our dreams, and living in the trance of comfort. 

A choice to either rise to the next level of mastery or to be left behind. 

To be left behind with the programming of fear, doom, and gloom, or distrust of our own potential. 




R - restore 

I - inner 

S - certainty 


E - evolve 


And our ability to rise above any limitation is our ability to listen to the voice of wisdom within. A voice of the heart that knows how to adapt, innovate, and commit to leading in a new way. 

I see these three keys that feel more like pillars on which we can build a prosperous life moving forward: 


2020-2030 is the decade of skills. The more skills you have and the more relevant they are to the new digital landscape, the sturdier the foundation from which you can serve. 

I invite my community to rise in building relevant skills. It is also very helpful to do this exercise: 


List all of the skills that you currently have on a piece of paper and tape it somewhere where you can see them every day. Remind yourself that each skill can be turned into a financial resource. 

Skills that are a must-have now: 

- video communication: a skill to communicate, inspire, and sell 

- social media skills: 

- communicating what you do with magnetism 

- getting people results and sharing about those

- sales 

- packaging your talents 

- technology savviness 

- writing 

- speaking

- creating scalable digital products

- leading online events

- training teams

- advising, coaching, mentoring


And many more, relevant to your industry (the ones that I listed are most relevant to coaching and thought leadership space that I am in)




People who are thriving financially right now and the entire lockdown are those who are passionate about what they do and have been driven by their passion all this time. 


Passion is an INTENSE love for your work, almost an obsessive LOVE for your calling and deep belief in your vision. Passion is magnetic and impossible to ignore. Passion will make you rise at 5 am to work on your dream without complaining. Passion is what helps you persevere when you are going through ups and downs that any business has.


Picasso said that the goal of life is to find your gift and the meaning of life is to give it away. He wrote about people with passion burning in their hearts. 


If you are already living with a passion for what you do, then time to AMPLIFY it, my friend. 


Raise your profile. 


Be willing to bring your most COURAGEOUS work into the world. 


Shine brilliantly than ever. 


Enough with playing small and waiting for permission. 


No one is coming. 

You are the one you’ve been waiting for. 


May the passion of your soul become a lighthouse for others.


Show up bigger and bolder every day and you will make a difference, expand your community, and grow in your prosperity through your committed service. 




Everything you want, your dreams, desires, and vision will depend on a NEW way you dare to lead. 


Leaders emerge in CRISIS. 


Leaders go first. When people around you run or hide in fear, you cannot afford to make that choice. Leadership is all about holding the vision for a new reality and reminding others about that vision; leadership is about EMBODYING your message, walking your talk and living your truth. Leadership is about leading yourself. Trusting your creativity, taking bold steps guided by your faith. 


Leadership is also about rising in your community and being a lighthouse, or building a campfire where you GENEROUSLY share your warmth, your care, your wisdom. Leadership is creating an environment that is loving and encouraging others to rise in their leadership. 


Leadership is about BENEVOLENCE. It is not about telling people what to believe, think, or do (when does it work anyway?). Leadership is about reminding people about what is important. Every day. 


And what is important is to focus on the three things that result in greater confidence about your future: skills, passion, and leadership. 


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