Five Biggest Lessons of May ~

Jun 05, 2023

My Passion Planner has contemplation questions at the end of each month that are quite good. 

When I contemplate the lessons learned each month, I deepen my embodiment. When I write it down, I absorb my lessons on a subconscious level. 

For this reason, I take the time to reflect and invite you to join me. 


What was the most memorable part of this past month? Describe it. 


1. Grounding. The month of May stood out for me in terms of how much it asked me to ground. It is Taurus energy, which is all about slow and steady, with plenty of stops to smell the roses. It felt too slow at times for my Leo fire; however, it did help me to notice an opportunity to become more at ease with a slower rhythm. 

"When you go too fast, you miss all the signs!" I hear my spirit guides exclaim once again. 

It reminds me of a vision I received during an Ayahuasca ceremony: I saw a segment of my day from a multidimensional perspective. Oscillating waves of frequencies surrounded me in space. Threads of energetic connections were everywhere. Signals were sent out through thoughts and intentions. Synchronicity looked like an energetic river of delight, playfully shifting and connecting things, objects, and people. Signs looked like glowing orbs, carefully placed by our Higher Selves to mark opportunities for consciousness upgrades, miracles, and destined meetings between people. 

The sad part? Most humans miss all of that 99% of the day. We are conditioned to move SO fast, we miss all the signs. And then we feel stuck, out of momentum, and disconnected from our hearts. Once you see, you cannot unsee. Ever since that Ayahuasca vision, I began practicing slowing down to notice. It is one thing to ask your spirit guides for help, it is another thing to be in resonance to receive that help. 

2. Galactic Upgrade with Bufo Toad 5 MEO

That was a huge highlight of the month, so much so that I recorded a podcast about it >>> here

My Higher Self told me last year, "Upgrades are pre-scheduled. Before you incarnate on the earth plane, you carefully choose every upgrade of your consciousness. You will continue to spark ancient memories in your DNA until you activate all twelve strands of it and beyond." I am grateful for the powerful psychedelic allies in the form of plants and nature-made substances that help me remember my galactic essence while grounding deeper into my mission here on Earth. Why do I share my experience? To educate. To help someone prepare for a future upgrade. To dispel confusion and fear. 

3. Miracles 

I love witnessing miracles and sharing them with you. This weekend I was attending a baby shower. For ten years, my friends held a vision of becoming parents. Ten years of hoping, trying, and doing all that was humanely possible for them. Over seven in-vitro treatments they went through. No pregnancy. They never gave up even when all the facts pointed out that they should. You know what I will say, don't you? Grace came and swooped them up at the point of their deepest surrender. They will become parents in two months through a surrogate that feels like an angel in their lives - a sacred soul contract. 

We can receive the miracle when we let go of attachment to the HOW. Divine Timing will orchestrate everything with the most exquisite ease when we let go of our clinging to the WHEN. Did you see my youtube video on this topic - Divine Timing? 


4. Manifestation. 

It is an Art and a Science if you ask me about manifestation. Every single day I manifest, so as you. The question is, are you inspired by what you manifest? Or is there an opportunity to elevate your abilities? Learn new skills? Are you manifesting BOLDLY enough? Or are you staying within your comfort zone because you believe that is what you can get? We all have comfort zones. Humans are creatures of habit. This is why it feels so enlivening to change your environment, travel somewhere new, or have new conversations that stimulate you in a new way. I returned from Peru with an expanded vision, like usual, and I've been anchoring it by taking action, focusing my mind on the outcome I desire, and staying present to the signs. For years people have been asking me to help them master manifestation. 

I teach my clients how to elevate their ability to create effortlessly, almost magically. What is important is to realize that what we call magic is LAW unrecognized. When we know and operate within the Laws of the Universe, spiritual laws, we easily manifest our intentions. Bringing you a webinar training on this next week. I hope you will take the time to join. 


5. Momentum. 

One of the laws of the universe is the Law of Momentum. Also known as the Law of Cause and Effect. When people come to me for mentorship, they often feel stuck (as most humans are too stubborn to seek support unless they are stuck at a plateau). They say they lost the momentum and didn't know how to regain it. I help them see the effect of the actions they place in motion. There are no victims here. Only the natural effects of the natural causes were set in motion by their free will. Until we take RADICAL responsibility, we remain stuck. 

Momentum is not lost overnight. Momentum is lost over a series of TINY choices to be out of alignment. Small choices of missing the window of your courage. Missing an opportunity to communicate clearly and boldly what you want. Missing a window to express your voice and, through expression, manifest your vision. Momentum is lost over a series of choices to not be in one's power and authority. The more we allow ourselves to remain inert, the more DYNAMIC action is required to transcend stuckness. 

It is just like fitness. It is much easier to remain fit than to get fit. Isn't it true? Once your body embraces fitness as your lifestyle, it is not that difficult to remain fit. But when we get out of shape and lose momentum with our fitness, it takes a lot to regain that momentum. Lesson here? Take charge of your momentum daily. Through a series of small steps or quantum leaps, it all helps if you move forward with your dreams and vision. 


June is here, and we are halfway through this year. 

Are you satisfied with how you spent your first five months of 2023? The Year of Change, Grace Under Pressure, and the Chariot (Tarot Card). 

If yes, carry on! If not, reach out for support. I am hosting personal retreats and immersion days at my Ocean Temple sanctuary, booking July, August, and September - when you book three months ahead, you can save %20 off! Interested to learn more? Apply for immersion >>> here 


Finally, I am going ALL IN deep esoteric teachings and galactic transmissions :) 

Yahoo, finally, the time is here. 

Tomorrow, I will invite you to a webinar dedicated to the Atlantean Wisdom of the Higher Worlds. 

Save the date: June 15, at 1 pm Pacific. 


Let's create an intentional, magnificent, and joyful week ~ 

And let's remember: 

"The reality we experience is a reflection of what we believe is most possible"

~ Bashar


Katerina Satori

Seer • Wisdom Channel • Mystical Mentor

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